Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Currently I am a Hot Mess, what is the definition of Hot Mess...

The definition varies from one user of the the term to the next but overall hot mess symbolizes the effects of an event of greatness or the current situation that one is in from an activity that they are participating in.. IE a really great awesome radio program. Sometimes hot mess can refer to a confusion of sorts for someone who is working in a stimulating environment. That is in my definition A HOT MESS

Monday, July 7, 2008


I am obsessed with MGMT, is it that they are delightful pixie people that bath in sparkling moon blood? Or that their melodic songs about electric goddesses and tree families melt my heart and make me want to live in Narnia? I don't know, but with names like Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser you pretty much either have to be in an awesome fairy rock band or live in the Shire. Personally I couldn't be more tickled pink that they chose the path of rock and roll. Their much anticipated first full length album Oracular Spectacular has been the only CD in Jay Brown's CD player for over a month and is the theme music for my new beautiful bike. On top of what seems like unachievable greatness, their videos are basically like a field trip into the tickle trunk of my brain. "What is in the tickle trunk of my brain?" You might ask yourself. Well in no particular order: 

psychedelic lord of the flies beach BBQ's with lots of red meat 
tehnicolour owls
fire pits of burning money
interplanetary surfing
ancient mayan rituals
cello-only orchestras
and finally winged lip crabs that burst into dolphins when shot with flaming arrows

Watch for yourself.

Got a Hotmess?

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