Saturday, April 4, 2009

So, do you think I can dance???

I got my self up and out of bed early this morning to hang with some of Canada's finest movers and groovers in hopes of picking up a few tips I could take to the clubs.....
the ladies from the Source Dance Crew from BC told me gangsta is where it's at ! I'm not convinced.
Blake McGrath former 2005 SYTYCD season contestant, current judge and star of MTV's Dance Life came out of the closed door auditions to give up some peace signs, clearly he has not seen me dance or he would never be caught dead in the same room as me !

Dana from White Rock BC moves on to day two of Vancouver audtions
Why so sad?

All the lovely ladies, workin their super fly dance gear

...and me, picking up my car from the impound lot after getting towed today ! Grrrr do you think I can dance my tickets away??



1) Do you shop at thrift stores/American Apparel and wear shiny metallic sweaters and shoes?
2) Do you rock a peach fuzz mustache or draw one on because you can’t grow one?
3) Do you have a complicated hairstyle that may or may not have been cut by yourself or your best friend?
4) Do you ride a fixed gear bicycle?
5) Do you have any tattoos?
6) Do you wear dirty old man fedoras?
7) Do you often find yourself out in public with a pair of big colorful thick rimmed glasses on with no lenses?
8) Do you enjoy bands, DJ's and literature that no one has ever heard of before?
9) Do you possess no more than 2% body fat?
10)Do you deny you are a hipster?

Source material: The Hipsters Handbook

Inspirational track from a cool ass hipster mother fucker.
Lupe Fiasco-Superstar (feat. Matthew Santos).mp3

Handsome in Hollywood

Friday, April 3, 2009


Well folks, Hotmess has been kickin' around the old inter-web for a couple months now and I have just finally figured out how to post music on our blog. You don't understand... this is a huge breakthough for the Hotmess Crew cuz nobody thought this day would come.

Anyhoo, I can't stop listening to this track and every time I do... I picture M.I.A about to bust on stage at the Grammys with 4 of the best hip hop artists out there today. Look at this, listen to this and work it out!

Swagga Like Us.mp3


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speaking of bailouts...

Check out this new track by Prince...he sings about AIG and the bailout!! Hilarious. I don't care if you can't do the splits anymore Prince you're funkier than week old potato salad in the sun and you look like you're 33!!!! You should be a poster boy for botox!!!!! Prince has still got it. JAY

Prince- Ol Skool Company (live)


Just in case you were like me and had a hard time wrapping your head around the bailouts and how it all works. I have finally found a video online the explains the process.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Juno's and Celebunots

Ahh the Juno's are done and one can only look back and wonder what really happened, all I do know is that the Canadian Musicians are treated really well with all the awesome gear they get,

From Skull Candy Headphones

To Ben Sherman Duds,

And Some Rockin Mavi Jeans

It's a swag lovers dream, besides that there was no shortage of bevies. Which of course allowed me to capture these oh so flattering images with Canada's totally, way better hybrid version of Ryan Seacrest - George Stomboldsoipufdslfhwrfouhwh

And the almost runner up from this Season of Project Runway Canada, Kim Larson

The one image that would have probably gotten us the most hit's on this site I sadly failed at, but that's because his people are so full force on guard it's impossible.. Yes the one the only, the 16 year old girls wet Dream Robert Pattinson was at three events I attended this weekend, and I actually sat on the same couch as him. Here is my question, whats the freakin deal, he's skinny, pale and looks premamnently tired and sad... tell me whats so great about that? Anyway other than being really shy, aloof and guarded he seems like a pretty cool guy. So overall if your a lover of music, this was an amazing weekend, seeing over 16 live shows in 4 days definitely blows your mind and soul. I loved every minute of it, and would be stoked to do it all again.

Over and Out Vintage.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Put a Ring on That Shit

The Beyonce, as I like to call her killed her fourth date of her I am Sasha Fierce Tour. Production was a little off, but she sang everything, except when she was doing summersaults suspended over the audience on a harness. Right off the top she tossed in some covers, both Canadian Sarah Mclachlan Angel and Alanis Morrisette's You Outta Know. Sasha, Beyonce one of the two, finished up the medley in an avante garde wedding dress and sang Ave Maria. Other Surprises were the numerous Destiny's Child tracks thrown into remixes there were tons, too many to count, and she even sang Etta James track, with a video tribute to Obama(surprise, surprise). Overall the show was awesome, I really liked the giant screen that made up the back wall of the stage, my only real complaint is that she ended the show with Halo, great song but a little to mellow to end a show with. Beyonce, you of all people should end with a bang not a poof.

I am Sasha Fierce I mean Vintage, I mean Ready Eddy what?/??????


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Junos red carpet wrap-up

Michael Buble

Sarah MacLachlan


Bryan Adams


SO000 Hotmess is all over the JUNOS this year. Every party and event they throw we show up and throw it right back in their pretty little faces! We got our messy photgrapher Graham Cook down in the media trenches to get some dope pics of the stars as they arrive for the big show! Check it out!

State of Who? State of Shock thats who MoFo!I wish I was with these guys tonight they are having the best time and get the HOTMESS red carpet award of awesomeness!

Valerie of Lights, your just so damn cute... I wish I was your back tattoo! Congrats on your win tonight!

Simple Plan, looking simple on the Red Carpet... KICK IT UP TEN NOTCHES SIMPLE PLAN YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE ROCK'N ROLLERS!!!

A girl in a hat

Top 10 finalist of "So You Think You can Dance Canada" Natalli Reznik was the hottest thing to hit the stage so far in the competition. With washboard abs and crazy dance skills she is one of my favorite people to see at the Junos so far...

Actor Adrian Holmes working the red carpet with his shades on looking like a pimp!

Serena Ryder knows what's up. She likes poutine.

Here is Nickelback, nominated for a whopping 5 Junos this year. I don't know what to say, they look like a bunch of douche bags... someone should teach these guys how to dress, last time I saw Chad he was wearing a choker, you know, like the ones girls used to wear in highschool in 1995.
HANDSOME: "Hey Chad, guess what just wearing shades doesn't make you cool. Why don't you try shaving your goatee and mixing your look up a little since you were voted ugliest man in rock by Kerrang!"
CHAD: "Hey Matt why don't you shut your face until you've sold a couple million records and made a couple million bucks..."
HANDSOME: "Whatever Chad... you slept on my fouton once and stole my t-shirt... I remember and I want it back."
CHAD: "It's long gone Handsome, let it go!"
HANDSOME: "But I can't... (tear)"

Here is Hedley, they were nominated for 3 Junos and they are cool dudes... he sings a bit like a girl in heat, but they are nice guys and a great interview. CHEERS HEDLEY!

Ms. Divine Brown. Matt loves her album! He interviewed her this year and she was awesome to talk to. She won R&B/SOUL recording of the year. Congradulations Divine, HOTMESS loves you!

SAM ROBERTS BAND, these guys kick ass! Sam Roberts is like the Jesus front man of Canadian Rock

Some dudes

The Midway State.

MAESTRO FRESH WES! Hip Hop Legend... let your back bone slide!

Melissa McClelland

Tara Oram

Gabrielle Miller of hit shows Corner Gas and Robson Arms, working the sass!

Jessie Farrell Looking pretty in pink

Some weirdo

Beats from Montreal
Ivana Santilli

Blondtron and Kay Kill it at the Loeden

VFW: Lauren Vidali

This collection has an over use of the already over done Jersey knit, some great tailored skirts. Check out this womens collection for 2009 very Vancouver friendly, but does it all have to be grey?

The Gibson Guitar Party

Artists rockin out at Richards on Richards, for the exclusive Gibson Guitar party. Everyone from Loverboy, Hedley, Barenaked Ladies, and Robert Pattinson were in attendance.

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