Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here is Nickelback, nominated for a whopping 5 Junos this year. I don't know what to say, they look like a bunch of douche bags... someone should teach these guys how to dress, last time I saw Chad he was wearing a choker, you know, like the ones girls used to wear in highschool in 1995.
HANDSOME: "Hey Chad, guess what just wearing shades doesn't make you cool. Why don't you try shaving your goatee and mixing your look up a little since you were voted ugliest man in rock by Kerrang!"
CHAD: "Hey Matt why don't you shut your face until you've sold a couple million records and made a couple million bucks..."
HANDSOME: "Whatever Chad... you slept on my fouton once and stole my t-shirt... I remember and I want it back."
CHAD: "It's long gone Handsome, let it go!"
HANDSOME: "But I can't... (tear)"

Here is Hedley, they were nominated for 3 Junos and they are cool dudes... he sings a bit like a girl in heat, but they are nice guys and a great interview. CHEERS HEDLEY!

Ms. Divine Brown. Matt loves her album! He interviewed her this year and she was awesome to talk to. She won R&B/SOUL recording of the year. Congradulations Divine, HOTMESS loves you!

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