Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fame is Lonely

I just saw Fame at a theatre in Fort St John. For those of you that don't know where that is, I will provide some directions.

Drive North. Very North. Then turn Right. Very Right. Pro-Life, Anti-Gay Right. Continue past the High School with the Daycare Program. Do not graduate.

The theatre in this town is in an almost vacant mall. The other stores consist of an Orange Julius and a Stripper Blanket store. Coincidentally, the only other people in the movie theatre were a gay dude and a pregnant stripper.

Fame is essentially High School Musical meets America's Best Dance Crew with a little bit of Degrassi thrown in for good measure. It was mildly entertaining; however, if I was anywhere else in the world, I would probably have done something else.

I guess I'm not really the target market. There was a New Moon preview and I only tittered and squealed a little bit. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go buy a stripper blanket.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

C'mon Son!!!!

Get ready to laugh your ass off!!! Take that Kanye West you freaking nut job.

Death Cab for Cutie interview

Recently Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie married actor/ musician Zooey Deschanel from the group She and Him. Well we just think that's tops! Here's an interview Jay did with Ben.

Happy Halloween - Hmmmm

Every year in North America, a holiday comes around that allows everyone to be comfortable playing out what ever embarrassing fantasies or fetishes that they deeply desire to show off to the world but don't have the balls enough to do so. This special holiday gives us all the excuse to brush it off as the norm, wether you love to be a super skank, or want to rock out your cross dressing fetish for the day, however acceptable for one day and one day only, (sometimes two if you have to do the work costume thing too and Halloween happens to fall on a weekend) Anyway below are some questionable yet incredibly creative costume options that you may... or may not choose to copy. Give us your thoughts on these costumes or tell us what you plan on wearing this year..


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Monkey Baby

TLC is branching outside of its exciting world of midgets, multiples, and morbid obesity to bring us to new heights/new lows of entertainment in "My Monkey Baby".

Listen to their marketing blurbs

“With her pink bedroom, a designer wardrobe, the latest toys, games and makeup, Jessica Marie is like any spoiled little girl … Except that she’s a monkey,” the show’s description reads.

“Just what makes a couple take on a 40-year commitment to an eternal toddler? How strong is the parent/monkey bond? It’s an extraordinary look into the real-lives of people parenting monkeys in America.”

That last sentence just blew my mind.

The “real lives of people parenting monkey in America?” Is this something people do?


October 4th at 6pm grab your banana and get ready to ride the train to crazy town.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys were in town this weekend so I headed to the Centre for Performing Arts to get a dose of catchy British beats from the colourful British duo. As befits a group of their longevity and impressive history of chart hits, the place was packed and the fans were ready to cut a rug and sing every word. It's too bad they weren't playing a venue with a proper dancefloor, but most people weren't complaining. The video display was top-notch and they came out with cubes on their heads. It was somehow 1989 and 2009 at the same time. Fitting, somehow.

Photos by Graham Cook.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Venus Project

Watch this, Zeitgeist: Addendum and check out
Very interesting stuff.

2009 Emmys Review

5pm PT- No matter how gay he gets or how many Harold and Kumar movies he does, Neil Patrick Harris will always be Doogie Howser to me.
5:10pm- some chick from Pushing Daisies won. She was crying. Standard issue tears. So far i'm bored. 

5:21pm- If Kevin Dillon doesn't win for Entourage i'll be sick.

5:22pm- He lost. Shit.  Jon Cryer just won Best Supporting Actor in a comedy series for Two and a Half Men.  Nice speach. He beat out like four dudes from 30 Rock. Is that show really that good? Apparently. I never really got into it. Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I should start watching it. I mean I don't want to do it just cuz everyone else is but it's nominated for so any Emmys that something MUST be going on there. Alec Baldwin is a legend and should win something. He should win his award AND everyone else's.
If you're bored of the Emmys, here he is being awesome in a Time interview.

5:29pm- Justin Timberlake is nominated for an Emmy for his SNL skits?!?!? Aaaaaaannnnndddddd he won. This guy can't be stopped. Christ!

5:31pm- Sarah Silverman in a fake moustache. Brilliant.

5:49pm- Alec Baldwin Wins!!!

6:00pm- Reality TV can suck it.  Now someone give HOTMESS a reality show!!!!!

6:15pm- This middle lull shit is brutal. I have totally tuned out and I'm now listening to Pearl Jam's amazing new album Backspacer.

6:22pm- Is it too much to ask Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Love Hewitt to make out on stage?

6:28pm- Natan Fillion and NPH do a funny internet sketch. We interviewed Nathan on Hotmess. Scroll down ad check for that podcast!!!

6:45pm- British folk accepting awards are as dry as week old melba toast.

6:51pm- Bruce Gowers won for American Idol. Apparently he had something to do with the video below so I like him>>>>>

6:53pm- The Daily Show writers win. As they should. 

6:58pm- Normally I want to punch  Jimmy Fallon in the face/junk but his auto-tune bit was hilarious.

7:03pm- God bless you Ricky Gervais, "In this room I'm probably above average." Genius.
The Daily Show wins again! John Stewart is funny obviously and compliments NPH on his hosting. 

7:16pm- What the shit?!?!? Some dude from LOST beat anyone Mad Men for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama? Now I know this shit is fixed.

7:18pm- Cherry Jones should have won for Best Porno Name.

7:20pm- Sarah McLachlan sings I Will Remember You, dedicated to those actors who have passed away this year. Hotmess salutes them all, especially Bea Arthur.

7:38pm- Mad Men wins Best Writing in a Dramatic Series!

7:50pm- I wanted Michael C. Hall to win. Bryan Cranston won. I'm not that upset. This category was loaded with talent.

7:52pm- Bob Newhart is still alive?!?!?  He's hilarious. "If Weeds wins it may take them a little longer to get up here." HAHAHA.  Wow. 30 Rock won for Best Comedy. Again. I DO need to watch this show.

7:57pm- Sigourney Weaver presents the Best Dramatic Series Award to Mad Men. Hells yeah!
I have such a boner for this show I cut my hair like Donald Draper. Is that crazy? Whatever, that's it. Peace.


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