Friday, July 10, 2009

Tonight on Hotmess- SNOW PATROL

LIVE in Vancouver from 6 tp 7:30pm at 101.9 FM. Also available for FREE on ITunes.

Thanks for watching/ listening.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The only Slim Jim plant in the U.S. exploded last month because of a natural gas leak and no Slim Jims have been made since then.

I thought those only existed in random Mohawk and Husky gas stations but the NY Post says the shortage is causing hoarding and panic everywhere... mostly with truckers? Just guessing.

Their article "Where's the Beef? Slim Jim Factory Can't 'Meat'Production Needs" says that "like the infamous "Seinfeld" episode, in which Elaine begins hoarding the Sponge after the female contraceptive is taken off the market, analysts are bracing for a big summer Slim Jim run."

There is such a thing as a Slim Jim analyst? Please tell me it's Macho Man Randy Savage.

The company who makes the product,ConAgra, is rumored to make as many as 500 million of those salty bastards every year! That equals $250 million in sales annually!

ConAgra said it won’t return to full Slim Jim production until the fall. I say a mouth full of beer and Beef Jerky will get you through the drought.

Crisis averted. Phew.

My Oldie Movie Picks of the Week

I must admit that I am a huge fan of older movies, but not "Gone with the Wind" old... Here are a few of my all time favorites, if you haven't seen them then get your butt to the nearest blockbuster and rent' em... and if you've already seen them well, watch'em again... they're timeless classics!

1- Interview with the Vampire (An outstanding cast and one of Tom Cruise's best!)

2- Back to the Future (The whole trilogy is amazing, but the first still blows my mind!)

3- Groundhog Day (Bill Murray at his best, and what an original concept)

4- The Game (You'll never know what the F$%k is going on till the end...)

Let us know what some of your favorites oldies are...

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head played the Media Club tonight and what the fuck, Natalie Portman isn't in the fucking band? First time that joke's been made?

I had heard their debut album before and they seemed to be running a hipster awareness campaign that I wanted to resist at first. But their songs are fun and their show was too. They had platters of fresh fruit that they passed out to people in the front rows. How friendly! And their music is just catchy as hell and about great things like tandem showering and tilt-a-whirls. I want to stay young forever!

If you missed it, check out our audio interview with Dave Price from the band!

Monday, July 6, 2009



WOW. IT'S A FACT. Sunny Day Real Estate have reunited with original bass player Nate Mendel and will launch a tour in Sept. right here in Vancouver!!!!

They are one of the most influential bands that came out of the 90's and if you've never heard of them here's your opportunity to introduce yourself to greatness. Sure their bass player is a member of the Foo Fighters but don't let that stop you!!!!
If you want to get killed by the angel of good times go see them!!!

Sept. 17 - Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
Sept. 18 - Portland @ Crystal Ballroom (Musicfest NW)
Sept. 20 - Salt Lake City @ Murray eater
Sept. 21 - Denver @ Ogden eater
Sept. 23 - Minneapolis @ First Avenue
Sept. 24 - Chicago @ Metro
Sept. 25 - Detroit @ St Andrews Hall
Sept. 27 - New York @ Terminal 5
Sept. 28 - Boston @ House of Blues
Sept. 30 - Washington DC @ 930 Club
Oct. 1 - Philadelphia @ Trocadero
Oct. 3 - Atlanta @ CW Center Stage
Oct. 5 - Dallas @ Granada eater
Oct. 6 - Houston @ Warehouse Live
Oct. 7 - Austin @ La Zona Rosa
Oct. 9 - Tempe @ Marquee Theatre
Oct. 10 - Anaheim @ House of Blues
Oct. 11 - Los Angeles @ Henry Fonda eater
Oct. 13 - San Francisco @ Fillmore
Oct. 15 - Spokane @ Knitting Factory
Oct. 16 - Seattle @ Paramount Theatre


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Infected Mushroom

The only previous encounter I've had with infected mushroom required a trip to the clinic and a cycle of antibiotics to forget. Last night at the Commodore was a much better experience.

When an artist bio states "Israeli Psycho Trance Duo" you pretty much know what you're in for. Or so I thought...

Turns out Infected Mushroom is a four-piece band ripping out super fast beats and killer guitar riffs. I've never seen so many people on the dance floor. I've also never seen so many people line up to use the stalls in the men's room.

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