Thursday, August 27, 2009

Juliette Lewis, Cat Power, and The Pretenders

Last night Juliette Lewis, Cat Power, and The Pretenders were at the Malkin Bowl for one of the final stops on their summer tour.

I heart this venue. I love this venue so much that I might learn the names of the Jonas Brothers if it means a few more nights of music there this summer.

Juliette started the night full of energy and taunts of the crowd " to get of your blankets and stand up... you aren't watching TV".

Anyone who wears knee pads, a feather cape, and white gloves on stage has my vote for president...of something.

Cat Power followed with her usual "play me while you are making nice" breathy voice but lacked the stage presence of Juliette. She sounds incredible but still struggles to involve the crowd in the same way.

Then Chrissy Hynde emerged. It was kind of like if you were to bump into Mathew McConaughey running with his t-shirt on for're not quite sure what to expect...but she proved she is no Pretender when it comes to being captivating.

Known just as well for her activism as her rock antics, Hynde left the crowd buzzing and me unable to figure out their best song today.

photos by Graham Cook


You know how you you once figured out how to end world hunger when you were baked at that house party that one time and you were totally going to write a letter to congress the next day, but then the next day comes and the idea's totally evaporated from your memory? Well some genius created so that your stoner brilliance won't be forgotten. Ideas include a 4:20 iPhone app that will let you know when and where it's time to get high anywhere in the world or how about a band called Fine Young Cannabis who cover Sweet Leaf and other choice weed tracks.

This could be the greatest stoner revelation ever made. Jay

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bedouin Soundclash interview

We called each other before the interview to make sure that we dressed know.... like teenage girls do.

Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes serenaded Venue on Granville last night. What can I say except that she is a true musician with a splendiferous voice. Plus she has a song about the Karate Kid, which is alright with me!

Photos by Graham Cook.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ohhhhhh 80's Jazzercise. Does Your Greatness Ever End?

Just when I think I have seen every Jazzercise video, one more is waiting in the wings to bring me joy.

Behold Judi Sheppard Misset & friends working out to "Move your Boogie Body" by the Bar-Kays.

I can’t decide if her Mexican war cry in the middle or the triumphant “Hot Dog” is the climax of this soon to be sensation.

I am pretty sure this is where Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live got her inspiration for all of her characters.

Why do I have a feeling Blondtron’s mom played this for her every morning while she grew up?

The caption for the posting of this video is “This is what happens when you snort coke and make a video”. blah blah blah... drugs are bad.

But this is thank you drugs?

You Say Party! We Say Die!

So YSP! WSD! is pretty frickin cool. They are from here in British Columbia and people all over the world love their shit. Apparently they have a new album in the works and I think it's called XXXX. Wow. Quadruple X. That's like the hardest core porn in the world! It's way harder core than two girls one cup, that's for sure. Here's an old interview I did with YSP! WSD! when they were slightly less pornographic. JAY

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