Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I know this is supposed to be a music blog of some sort but... fuck it.


Let me say this. I am a nerd when it comes to Batman. I collected the comic when I was a kid. The first Batman came out in 1989 when I was ten years old and it blow my little mind.

I went to the first midnight showing. Nerd.

Batman: The Dark Night is awesome. Everyone in this movie, down to Anthony Michael Hall in a small reporter role, is a star. It's a big Epic with a lot going on and it's worth every penny. The sweeping shots of the city with Batman in all his glory made me weep into the arm pit of the smelly fat guy sitting next to me dressed as The Joker.

Can I just say... Heath Ledger is amazing. If Jack Nicholson's Joker was a perfectly cooked steak then Heath's Joker was the whole cow. I barely recognized the actor and I love that kind of acting, when someone is so into the skin of a character that you forget who is playing them.

The movie has it's faults, it gets a little over complicated at the end and I had issues with what happens to Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). I wish some of these superhero movies would just stick to one villain and do it justice. It may not be perfect but god damn I was entertained and most importantly not let down by all the hype.

Go see it and let me know if you agree or not... cuz then we can have a talk.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Re: being a "lost cause"

Ok, first of all dear reader, what you'll come to realise is that Handsome Matt Anderson has a propensity to over-embellish stories. Facts are often replaced by whimsical fibs as a means to captivate the reader and/or listener and transfix them in a state of motionless awe.
It's very similar to how spiders capture their prey and paralyse them with their toxic venom.
Except replace the spider with Matt (dandy long legs) and the venom with words.

The story below, while very entertaining, is spider venom in my face.

Don't believe what you read.
Never fear the truth.
Always chew your cabbage twice.

PS- Buy the album by the Gutter Twins you cheap bastid

How Do You Work This Fucking Thing!?!

Hey handsome Anderson here... Hung over off my ass. Welcome to the official Hotmess blog. The blog for the radio show that hasn't even started yet. That's how crazy organized we are!

Went out last night with Jason Awesome and a small wrecking crew to take the town to town. Nothing like getting hammered on a Monday just because you can. What an overindulgent use of my powers. I guess today this blog will be a glowing review of my new fav restaurant Jules.

Last night we went to Jules Bistro in Gastown, which is slowly becoming the new Yaletown but cooler by the way. If you haven't been to Jules, make your way down there. The food was amazing, the room makes you feel like you're in Montreal and Kristy, the cute french waitress, is a 10 all around. Yes you may get in a fight with an already bloody faced bum trying to sell you a speed bike for 10 bucks but I blame that on Jason.

After that we went to Chill Winston, great place for drinks... not the food (little tip, they're struggling). Lesly, the bartender, is great and has an infectious laugh. We couldn't get shot in fucking Yaletown, I've never seen so many people turn away money in my life, so we ended up an old fav The Morrisey. Jeff the bartender started us on Yagers and it went from there. I left Jason with a gaggle of girls and made my way home trying to be somewhat of a respectable member of society. Jason Awesome however is a lost cause.

Next weekend is going to be Epic. Period. I may not know how to spell but I do know that Pemberton Fest will be something people talk about for a long time... not just because of the music... or the traffic... Jason Awesome, after a multitude of cocktails was talking about renting a helicopter to get to and fro. Not a bad plan. I however will have to live through all of my friends who go, looking at their slide shows and hearing their stories because I will be at Comic Con.

Comic Con is the biggest Sci-Fi convention in the world and it's in San Deigo, one of my favorite cities in the world. It's a huge corporate whore fest, where all the biggest movies go to peddle their wears to the laymen and women. I am gonna cover this event and talk about it on our radio show HOTMESS when I return. Which is why we have this blog... and now I have come full circle.

I'm out.


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