Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get the first show!!!!!

It's here! It's messy! Download it and dance and laugh and be merry. Just click the title, it links directly to the podcast for download here at:

Coming up tomorrow night:

Yes, that's right folks Vancouver/Victoria/International Superstar DJ 
(and all around awesome guy)
Ernold Sane will be blowing up your speakers with an exclusive 
hot mess set live tomorrow night!

We're also debuting our new segment, 


Email us all of your burning questions about love, war, fighting skills, relationship issues, etc. and we'll forward it to a real team of Navy Seals who just so happen to be ever so great at giving advice. Tune in tomorrow night, your question might be answered on-air!    
email with 'Navy Seal' in the subject line.

Also the oh so Handsome Anderson brings his Nose for News

Jay and Blondtron will have your weekend party weather, Mr. Fong brings the horoscope love and much, much more! Be sure to tune at 101.9 FM or online at 

One Serious Hot Mess

I want to be a singer, can I have a glowing crystal wand too? WTF?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things that we discovered at my house today

Handsome Anderson in all his hung over glory ate an entire block of cheese before attending our production meeting, turns out his wife is the chef of the crew. Attention Jewel, portion pack your cheese. 


I am impressed, confused and concerned. I applaud Jason Awesome in his quest for wholesome goodness, I however don't know if I will be able to adhere to the example he set's forth. I tend to find myself generally offensive and somewhat rude. Perhaps this is my own interpretation of myself and in truth it's not actually the case. Regardless, my vulgarity and offensiveness does come from a place of love and not from a place of hate. I think as whole that is the difference, it all comes down to finding balalance, walking the line, pushing the envelope what ever you want to call it, as long as it's from a good place it's ok.. Or is it ? What do you think?


Some things are better left unsaid....

Dear Sir or Madam,

In the past we have used a fair amount of vulgar vocabulary in this blog. 
In an attempt to appeal to a broader audience of readers ( i.e., children, the elderly, Mormons etc.) we will be "cleaning it up." This means no more swearing ( i.e., sh*t, f**k, b*ll*, *#%& etc.).  

So, this is the last time I swear in a blog...swear to, well no, I mean DON'T swear to God....hmmmm.... this is harder than I though.

Ok, from here on in I will no longer: 

A) swear 
B) swear to God 
C) talk or write about offensive things
D) discuss things that might be deemed offensive in certain circles
E) offend said circles by implying that there is the potential for me to discuss or write certain things that might be deemed offensive by the same circles that I was hoping not to offend 
F) defend the offensive
G) play offense or defense in any team sport

I urge you to join the blog and let us know how we're doing in this regard.

Cordially yours,

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kick that burger man!

I hadn't seen a funny youtube video for a while... this actually made my day.

Blondtron's Bike Jam of the week

So I've decided that my bike and I will bring to you our favourite track on a weekly basis. This is the track that is most likely on repeat as I peddle my ass around town. Make sure to keep checking back to keep abreast of the most banging tracks you'll ever bike to. 

Why is there so much good music out right now? I can't keep up! Trust the crookers to erase my brain by remixing thunderstruck. How many people have tried and failed miserably at remixing AC/DC?

Here it is fresh from my bike to you....


These tracks were posted up on the mad decent blog a lil while back and I seriously can't get enough of them! They're not on the mixtape so snatch em up! Big shout outs to Grahmzilla from Thunderheist who is one of the most talented people I know!


HOTMESS: Friday nights from 6:00 to 7:30 on 101.9 CITR

SHAZAM!!! Show number one done and dusted. Put rest. Slaughtered and deep fried. We served it up like the HOTMESS it was. Yes, there were a couple glitches here and there. Yes, it was not the most graceful radio show ever BUT…

The music did kick fuckin’ ass (DJ BlonTron: resident genius) and I thought we were pretty damn entertaining. We had a blast doing it and YES we went out and celebrated our first show like it was our last… which I am guessing is going to become something of a tradition. Thank you Morrissey for you love and boozy support!

There will be some additions next week; DJ BlondTron has a stagette so we are bringing in The Donnelly Groups (lamplighter, Republic) main man DJ Ernold Sane to cover for her. We will be doing a little tweaking here and there as well, so keep listening cuz by week three you guys are gonna be calling The Beat going "Hey weak sause, why can’t you sound like HOTMESS?"

Oh and once we learn how to work the equipment properly we will have pod cast of the show avail on the CITR website. It’s all gonna happen people… just in it own time.

Now I gotta go kill this acid reflux from last night’s shenanigans.


Ernold Sane Guest DJ

Ernold Sane Will Guest DJ live on Hot Mess Next Friday 101.9 citr 6pm sharp so tune your self in...

Got a Hotmess?

Have you recently drawn on someone's face? Found a hot track? Barfed off a ferris wheel? Made or stumbled upon a great video? Poured gravy down your pants? Interested in advertising?


email us at

If we post it the karma fairy will sneeze in your double gin and you'll feel really good about yourself.

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