Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OH!vember mixxxx

Saturmon V 2.0 hit me hard this week. Special thanks to Dstrr and Dandroid with Schitz Popinov for killing my liver and my soul. Dstrr was playing at the Royal of all places, which I haven't been to since I was ummmm 19? Thank god for the safe haven of the DJ booth because kids were getting nutter up in there. To all you 19 year-old college chicks out there... dancing topless on a bar in 2008 is pretty much like making a porno, that shitz gonna be everywhere and god help you if it doesn't show up when you're attending your daughters PAC meeting 20 years from now. 

After that we b-lined to the last Lotus Long Weekend until Easter and pretty much spiraled from there. Big ups to Trevor Risk who was blowing up Honey upstairs. After that the party train moved to the the Schitz Popinov bat cave where the couch and I had a moment.

The party ended quite abruptly for me in the Pho Restaurant's washroom facilities. Let's just say what Pho's down must Pho up.

Anyways before making questionable choices on a Monday night I made this lil' mix to getchya movin....

Download it from zshare HERE.

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