Saturday, July 25, 2009


I bumrushed this guy. Not with my actual bum, I cold approached him in a grocery store for an interview on Hotmess.

It did not go well.

World, Do not bumrush famous people on the streets.

I'm a cool dude. I have some large celebrities I call my friends. That does not make bumrushing other celebrities you do not know OK.

Here's the scene:
I'm walk out of Jamba Juice the other day sending a text and almost ran the top of my head into the large front grill of Andy Samberg.

Me to Andy: "Oh Sorry."
Me to myself: "That's fucking Andy Samberg of SNL fame."

I was to meet a friend who was running late so with nothing but time to kill I sat in my car and watched Andy Samberg.(mistake 1)

My mind begins to wander I soon in my head I have walked up to Andy become his friends and we are filming digital shorts in my backyard. Andy and his writing partner Hugo get some juice and walk out of JJ's and into Ralphs grocery store. Perfect.

My mind begins to justify my thoughts.

Me to myself: "He's cool, right? He just finished hosting the MTV Movie awards, he comes from Internet sketch comedy beginnings like me. This will be great!"(mistake 2)

I get out of the car.(mistake 3)

I stalk Andy Samberg into Ralphs. (mistake 4)

I see him and Hugo milling around by the salsa and fuck it, I approach.(mistake 5)

Me:"Hi, Andy?"

OK, here is the deal. What ever scenario you have worked out in your head before hand DOESN'T FUCKING WORK. The moment you open your mouth the shit hits the fan. Everything that follows is awkward, cold and you feel like a numbskull.

Me:"I was wondering... I have this radio show with some friends... it's in Vancouver... you shot Hot Rod there right?"
Andy: looks at me like I have a penis on my forehead.
Andy's Buddy Hugo: "Cool."(he sees my pain and is trying to help me through it)
Me:"We are big fans... how do we get you on the show?"

I'm a moron. Everyone knows celebrities have publicists if you want an interview you call THEM. Things contiuned on like this for a while. Everyone was looking for a smooth way out. He gave me the name of his publicists company and I babbled about how I never do this and how sorry I was.

Me:"OoooooooooooK thanks... man..."

I make the walk of shame down isle 4 to the exit feeling cheap and flustered.

In LA there are many opportunities to come in contact with celebrities but I have ALWAYS left them alone because that is what they want... TO BE LEFT THE FUCK ALONE!

I sent an email to his publicist and still haven't heard back. I still think it would be cool to have him on the show so I am gonna keep trying but this is not the way to get an interview, or a photo or a autograph people. No one likes to be bugged in a grocery store. I don't like it and they defiantly don't like it.
Bumrush Fail.

Handsome in Hollywood

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ever watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations? No? Well you should!!

It's a travel & food show on the Travel Channel where "Tony" vists places all over the world to try their local cuisine and culture BUT it's so much more then that! In the one hour show he manages to cram anything and everything on whatever city he is in that is food, culture and oh yes cocktails, there is definetly no lack of drinking on this show on Tony's part.

He also has a fondness for street meat and showcases at least once in every city where you can get a high quality, delicious and most importantly freshly prepared quick street food.

Egyptian Breakfast:

His emmy award winning show has been running for a few season now but you can definitely catch reruns on the travel channel. He is an extremely charismatic and colorful man who has that NY attitude of telling it like it is and no holds bar, his description of San Paolo: it's like L.A. threw up on NY!

By far his best episode was in Beirut when the Israel-Lebanon conflict broke out. Despite having filmed only one restaurant before fighting began, Bourdain's producers compiled the Beirut footage into a episode. Uncharacteristically, the episode included footage of both Bourdain and his production staff, and included not only their initial attempts to film the episode, but also their firsthand encounters with Hezbollah supporters, their days of waiting for news with other expatriates in a Beirut hotel, and their eventual escape aided by a "cleaner" (unseen in the footage) whom Bourdain dubbed "Mr. Wolfe." The episode was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2007

I highly recommend this show it's a welcoming break from all the other crap on TV, not to mention you get great tips if you should ever feel inclined to visit any one of the cities profiled.


Fifty Dead Men Walking

At first “Fifty Dead Men Walking” seems similar to a lot of movies you’ve already seen but then it Karate chops you with an Irish genuineness you weren’t expecting.

Martin McGartland's 1997 autobiography of the same name, the story follows a street hustler from Ireland caught between the IRA and the British agendas in the late 80’s.

But don’t expect all the lame Hollywood flare- it’s gritty, tough, and makes an effort to accurately portray Northern Ireland at the time- thick Irish accents included.

It doesn’t pick a side but instead focuses on the desperation of the people stuck in an unwinnable situation.

Jim Sturgess is so good in this movie I almost forgot that Ben Kingsley is the other leading man.

I heart all things true story and documentary like so if that isn’t your thing then it probably won’t appeal to you in the same way.

But if you are check out da wiki. It goes into further detail on the story but also the events that happened after the film.

"Fifty Dead Men Walking" opens July 31. Go see it!

I would go again but only if the guy who sat behind me and stunk like pickles isn't invited.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who knew Hitler could be funny!?!?

Check this out... You'll piss your pants laughing, so put on your 'depends' and enjoy... 


Snoop Dogg & Friends

Average age of Snoop Dogg Fan: 15
Average age of Snoop Dogg Song: 15

Seems like a good fit to me. That is until he goes into Aint No fun and half of the kids had no idea what was going on. Confusion compounded when Snoop was joined by the Lady of Rage for a throwback of the track Afro Puffs, made famous by the Above the Rim Soundtrack.

Later Snoop asked everyone to put their twos up (two fingers for Tupac) while he performed an extended version of Hail Mary. The poignancy of the moment was clearly lost on the suburban tube top hotties.

Finally the crowd was reconnected with a jolly jumping good time cover of House of Pain's Jump Around.

Oh, I almost forgot! Akon casually walked out on stage and performed I wanna Love You. That was pretty awesome.

After losing a few points for the Liberace style microphone, Snoop Dogg and his pals score a solid 8.92 pounds out of 10.

Mickey Avalon looks like Beardo

The lady in charge of the media told me this was Mickey Avalon.

I realize it is not but she was having none of it.
Consequently, when Mickey Avalon did come on, I was not allowed to photograph it or even hear it.

This has been your Mickey Avalon review.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good News Monday

It's important to try to combat your Mondays with so much good news that you can seamlessly summersalt into Tuesdays warm less, work-like glow.

To make that summersault a dive roll- check this out!

It looks like Amazon's top selling Wolves T-shirt and the You Tube keyboard cat "made nice" to create this glorious cotton offspring.

Apparently, this guy on Threadless is pumping these babies out like a TLC show (Jon&Kate Plus 8, 18 Kids and Counting, Table for 12 - pick your poison).

In other miracle news, the most hideous shoes in the world may soon be no more.The most surprising part is that these foam clogs sold 100 million pairs! How?

Maxim even named Crocs one of the “10 Worst Things to Happen to Men in 2007.” In 07, Crocs made a profit of $168.2 million. Last year, they lost $185.1 million.

Somehow I have a feeling we will still be seeing these around... If you are a Croc offender please read the public service announcement below and immediately dispose of them.

Finally, Kid Sister has announced the title and official release date of her long-anticipated debut album.

Ultraviolet, isn't due out until October but here's a leak that will keep your 'Right Hand Hi' until the weekend comes back.

Kid Sister Right Hand Hi

So Blondtron Will Like Me

I need to pick myself up one of these fantastic gizmo's and then Blondtron will be my friend, or yours.

Things you Want

I want this bed, its pretty freaking awesome.. I also want you to listen to our podcast, cuz again it's pretty freakin awesome ! Hope you are all rockin a fantastic monday.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

No Doubt is 'HELLA GOOD'

No Doubt played the Vancouver scene last night, July 18th, and blew the roof off GM Place. My ears were fed delicious hits from the California native band from opening the show with "Spiderwebs" to ending it with "Sunday Morning", which happen to be my 2 favorite songs. The energy was contagious and everyone was standing up, jumping, and singing along the entire 90 minute show (it was one big sweat fest). Gwen Stefani was one fierce performer (and can I mention that after having 2 kids her body looks tighter and hotter then ever, she's definitely not 'just a girl')! No Doubt they know how to entertain a crowd, HOLY LOTS OF AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION... I was also blown away on how cool it was that during the encore presentation they brought out both opening acts Bedouin Soundclash, and Paramore (PS: they seriously ROCK) to sing along! Needless to say, my "Tragic Kingdom" faze came back to me like in a dream! I had an amazing experience and still love them as much as my good ol' High School days!
Check out the official website for more tour info:

If you missed out on the concert here are a few hits you'll enjoy!

Cindy :-)

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