Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Janet is still the shit, even if she is slightly more bootyliscious than before!

What the shit!?!

Oh! What's up my beautiful little niece? What seems to be the problem... you look cock eyed. Oh, are you drunk off all the chocolatey treats you have been stuffing in you cute mini face all evening on my birthday!?! Uncle Handsome thinks you need to shut'er down and have a nap!

Ed figured out he can text pictures into the blog from his phone... I don't think my phone even takes pictures.
Obviously I just had my birthday week go down and it was awesome. Thank you to everyone who came to the dinners and the parties and celebrated with me. I had a truly solid birthday!

Oh and Big thank you to Mike from Century House... Go there to eat. It's a great room, with great service and awesome food. Here I am with a fancy bottle of Cazadores tequilla I got for my BDay... Yum!

Music wise what have I been doing? I interviewed the band Staind when they were in town. Even though it may not be in our demographic, I thought it was an interesting interview and I like Staind so here it is for y'all to take a peek at.

Most recently I interviewed the band CREATURE. These guy are from Montreal and not only to they dress the part, they fucking rock!!! I'll post the interview once it gets edited but here is their website to get your taste buds wet. Not only do they put on a really fun live show they have a great message as well.

As for now we are in production for our next fabulous radio show on Friday at 6:00pm on 101.9 CiTR... make sure you tune to get an ear full.


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