Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Snow

I'm blogging as I sit here at a bus station, surprisingly not that
cold, rocking out to Use Somebody by the Kings of Leon, the snow
continues to filter from above like never ending confetti cannons at a
Mika concert. The entire landscape looks like it's under renovations
and someone's thrown drop clothes to protect everything including
the trees. How Lucky are you Mr. Anderson, off to all things warm and sunny, I hope your flight was
able to take off to the Dominican today. Snow it's a funny weather
phenomen, as much as I hate the damn stuff it's really cool how tuff
situtions seem to bring everyone together, people helping you push
your stuck car, picking you up when you fall. I'll be happy to see it
all melt away but it has had a little charm to it.
From me an all the hot mess crew get around safe out there and be good
to each other out there in winterland.



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