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Natures HotMess

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Blondtron Laundry FAIL

Help! My washing machine and dryer broke... I wish I was psychic! I would have done laundry before it pooped out on me! GRANNY PANTY ALERT! it's giving me a certain swagger...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Anime Evolution

Well Another Hot Mess is done, this past week we hung out with some Super Anime fans who were on campus for Looks like a ton of fun. Here we are haveing fun with some of the crazy charachters.. Jay Awesome, all you got to do is eat a cow. Hah

The witch's cauldron is full of face melting fun

I know we're primarily a beat driven/ tight jeans-scenester-in-Vans radio show but did you know that Vancouver is full of kick ass metal and rock acts!
3 Inches of Blood
Also, other Canadian bands that could kick in your basement window with high voltage rock are as follows:
Keep in mind to start a full-fledged metal band you need to have experienced one or more of the following:
A) you were beaten by your father with a steel pipe when you were 9
B) you grew up in East Van
C) you listened to KILL 'EM ALL on vinyl so many times that you wore it out and now only use the record as a surface to blaze in going off the rails on a crazy train!!!!
D) you like to shout at and/ or run with the devil
E) you have a tattoo that was done by your friend (or mom) with a ballpoint pen and a sewing needle after you got hopped up at a Megadeth show in 1985
If you answer all of the above then you starred in the movie FUBAR.
Four or more and you are likely an alcoholic living in Edmonton.
Yes to three and you are a borderline non-metal fan and should BREAK something right now!!!!
Two or less and you are a Backstreet Boy.
Don't like metal? piss off.
PS- Also check out if you want to know how to grow luscious locks necessary for banging hard.

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