Friday, December 12, 2008

This is where Hot Mess Comes From

Yes we do broadcast from the clean and classy CITR studios. Maybe they should spend some of the cash money from their fundraiser on a fuckin swiffer. Hah !

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monsters and Vodka, Children Jerky and a Tassle Bra.

Holy Crap. Warm white wine, monsters and vodka are not the best idea while trying to do a radio show. As sexy as drooling on the mic might sound over your air waves, the look was a little less glamorous. Cherk killed it on the decks and Will Sasso ripped us all a new one.

 Though it was most definitely our messiest, it was also our most awesome show to date in my opinion... After Nanny Matt took Jay for a time-out, Eddy and I somehow managed to round out a second show. 

Ed why are you so smart and sober? How did you get so wise? 

I was still nursing a doozy of a hangover from the night before, I finally finished my yoga teacher training, and went to give my friends a squeeze and have a celebratory cocktail with my roomie Miss V on the Patio with Bazz (Ernold Sane), Cherk (short for Children Jerky) and all my Hot and Messy crew.

Republic Patio Feat. Blondtron and Handsome Anderson V 1.

Not very yogic I know. I had offered to buy my classmates a bevy and they all laughed because they thought I was joking... no vodka on the raw food diet guys?

After the show I met up with Matt and Jay aka Sir Throwandyellalot. Matt and I ditched out on Jay, leaving him to have it out with a parking meter that had so rudely got in his way. Then we went to get a lil more Cherkage and set the Republic Patio on fire.

A sobering experience? Getting the same stamp on top of last nights stamp that hadn't quite washed off yet. Matt, we should probably get a life.

A few shots of tequila cured our shame and we seriously gave it our all, I hadn't danced that hard in ages, so much effing fun. 

Republic Patio featuring Blondtron and Handsome Anderson V 2.0

I've decided to just wear a tassle bra, snake skin pants and a logger hat 
every day, because it brings out the best in me.

Texting-Your grammar pisses me off

First of all I want to explain there, their and they're.

They're means " they are" as in " They're using incorrect grammar and it's pissing me off."
There is a reference to a place, concrete or abstract such as "There is a spelling and grammar check on your computer. Use it." Or "The library is located over there."
Their is a possessive adjective indicating that a particular noun belongs to them.
"Their heads were so far up their asses I couldn't belive it."

LOL, LOMAO. LHQZWXXYTPRTGEWDSTEART. These things mean nothing to me. They only mean something to you and Gossip Girl.

"I know, right?" is just the worst valleygirl weirdness I've ever come across. It's not a sentence. It's not even a question. I DON'T know what you're talking about but I AM right.

In conclusion listen to our show tomorrow, Friday Dec. 12 Hot Mess Citr 101.9FM 6pm-7:30pm.


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