Friday, May 29, 2009


So today was pretty basic until about ten minutes ago when my fantastic friend Emmylou from Universal Music decided to give me a gift! There I was minding my own business....being all tall and shit when suddenly KABLAM The Motown 50 Year Anniversay Box Set lands in my lap!!!!

Well I just lost it.
First I wet my pants a little.
But I didn't care much because I wear adult diapers. Not because I have a know...just in case.

Secondly I scissor kicked so high that I pulled a groin muscle...a reminder that I am not the spring chicken I once was...but your sister would probably still dig me so don't even worry about it. I'm not worried at all.

And finally I totally farted when I yelled "AWESOME!"
This was particularly embarrassing because I was in front of co-workers.
But I drink Drakkar Noir, so my gas smells like your dad in the eighties.

I'm telling you this because I don't want there to be any secrets between us.
That's how much I love you.

This is my favorite song on the Motown retrospective. Smokey Robinson is a fucking genius.
How ahead of its time is this shit?!?!?!
Very far ahead, that's how far ahead. Very.
They sampled CIRCUS music ...before people sampled. Guess what. It's amazing.


Once upon an Aqua time.

What does is sentence evoke in you? "I'm a Barbie Girl...In a Barbie world"

Personally I shutter as memories of my fellow high school-ers doing loser laps in a sea of Chevy Cavaliers up and down Dogwood street bombards me.

Well if your on the other spectrum then thanks to the magic of Photoshop and Euro Pop it appears that Aqua has been perfectly preserved in time and musically stylings for you!

The Danish sensation has just released their new single "Back to the 80's".

Wow. (said with the appropriate amount of sarcasm)

I know I have been sailing the crappy band reunion boat for a bit - this is the last one for a while I promise - but they just keep coming out of the woodwork!

Can't they just be normal D lists and revive their previous glory on "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!"?

One final remark on the subject of "reuniting/comebacks/desperate for cash". Ace of Base is currently small town touring and are slotted to release an new album this year.

I will leave that entry to Blondtron as I know she holds a special haircut in her heart for them.

Yes that is her on the left!

Ginger of the Week

It's that time again, you all look forward to it. Your thighs yearn and burn for them almost as much as their hair burns for you. They are the ginger greats! The super humans with hair that must be impossible to match to outfits.

This week's Ginger makes my knees a little wobbly. His mop of flames has set fire to my heart. How many legendary rock bands can one red head sustain?

The answer? LOTS. I'm telling you people they are super human.

One time I saw Josh Homme on the street in LA and I have never resisted the urge to jump into someone's arms more than I did in that moment. I settled for a 'HI!' several hundred decibels louder than it was intended followed by a nervous laugh.

I'd like to say the story goes further, but nope. It ends there.

When Josh Homme isn't ignoring pretty girls advances on the street, he's rocking out in bands with super cool names that he started like 'EAGLES OF DEATH METAL' and 'QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE' and 'THE DESSERT SESSIONS'

Okay we get it, you're really good at multi- tasking. But maybe it's time for a girlfriend?

EODM-Wanna be in LA

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Here is Zach Galifianakis interviewing his Co-star of THE HANGOVER Bradley Cooper. I can't wait for this movie! Anything that Todd Phillips directs is gonna be hilarious add Mike Tyson, babies and apparently Zach... you know your bladder will be leaking in you pants as you roll around on the dirty carpets in the isles of whatever cinema you are in. Watch here as Zach and Brad get into a bitch slap match. I want this man to come on our show!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Results are in!

I bet you wondered if I would leave you hanging in World Beard Championship suspense from last week's post. I wouldn't have dared - mostly because I couldn't have kept this Internets gold to myself without imploding with smirky laughter.

Behold the Overall World Champion for 2009---- DAVID TRAVER from the USA

His victory bio summary was the crowning achievement of the evening.

"Traver, who is 43 and works as a driver for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, got into facial hair competition locally about 10 years ago with the Mr. Fur Face competition during Fur Rendezvous. After that, he got involved with the South Central Alaska Beard and Moustache Club, which bid to bring the international championships to Anchorage this year — beating out Liechtenstein. He dedicated his win to his father, [also named] David Traver."

Why do the cliche movie style "U.S.A... U.S.A" chants keep ringing in my ear on this one? I imagine it was a very patriotic moment. Especially since he beat out my beloved Karl-Heinz Hille I from Germany. Hille did manage to take home silver.

Here is a clip of all the category winners.

Dear Grizzly Bear,

Thank-you. Thank-you for one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life. Thank-you for bringing me to tears and restoring my faith in music.

It's like the beach boys finally stopped getting their teeth whitened and realized there was more to life than Luau's and ladies.

It's like Bobby Vinton breaking down on wine and showing up on your front lawn to poor his heart out to you.

This isn't the kind of music you can just hear and be like 'Oh cool, neato, I like this.'
Well maybe it is for some people, but for me it had to hit me at just the right moment.

I had put a bunch of tunes from my friends computer on my ipod and this song came on and changed my life.

Grizzly Bear-While You Wait

I listened to it on repeat for weeks.

There are only a few songs that have done this to me. Songs I listen to and love the same way you truly love a friend or partner. At first it's exciting and you can't get enough, and then you get comfortable with it and you see the delicate under tones. Then even years later you can still hear new things that keep you interested. It's the songs that stay with you for life.

This music is the music you'll marry and love forever.

Pixies-Where is my Mind?

I had the pleasure of seeing TV on the Radio the night before and deejaying with Jaleel afterwards for his birthday party. These guys are amazing. Jaleel is a pretty good DJ too!

Coldplay-Clocks (Royksopp trembling hearts remix)

TV on the Radio-Staring at the Sun (Diplo 808 remix)

All cheers, no jeers for The Dears

I dig this band. Many of "the messy ones" here at our blog love them too! Just scroll down and read Steve "Panties" Lepan's stirring blog about recently catching them in an Arizona blues bar. They are playing here in Vancouver on May 30th. We're dilligently trying to secure an intervie with the lead singer Murray Lightburn for our HOTMESS show this Friday 6-7:30pm on CITR 101.9fm.

Here's a letter I wrote to The Dears:

Dear The Dears,
Your music makes me cry tears in my beers. They are tears of joy so don't call the suicide hotline on me.
John Deers

I wrote it in crayon with my wrong hand and sent it via snail mail. I hope they read it....and don't get a restraining order against me.


This song is TOP DRAWER!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's go watch some TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio did the Malkin Bowl Monday night. I love this band, and I love Kyp Malone's beard. Remember Ambrosia's beard post from a few days ago? If I could have any beard, it would be Kyp's. I would need a wig for full Kypness, though.

Anyway, the show was fantastic. They have a pretty moody sound that came through live, but they also keep it danceable. They did a sick version of "Staring at the Sun," one of my favourite TVotR songs, that was more upbeat but still awesome. The lead singer, Tunde Adebimpe, is almost as much fun to watch as his name is to say. He has got a decent pair of James Brown legs that he works.

I know I'm ready for some summer outdoor shows now.

Photos by Graham Cook.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's TOO easy being Green Day

I'm baffled. I just don't get Green Day. They are an anomaly of epic proportions in the music world and it needs to be addressed. A band that has two waves of massive success, the second being bigger than the first! What the SAM HELL is going on here?!?!?!

Here's a band who put out an album called Dookie in 1994 and it becomes a huge hit almost accidentally! Somehow while all of the superstars at the grunge party were busy scratching their heads asking themselves what to do next, THESE tricky bastards sneak in through the back door with three chord, chugging pop rock tunes that a kid with no arms could play and a singer who sounds like he is permanently in need of Dristan nasal mist! And guess what.....THEY TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM?!?!?!?! Really?!

Ok. Fine. I get it. Simple, catchy tunes that speak to the disenfranchised youth. It works, and lets be honest you know that whole sun-even-shines-on-a-dogs-ass might apply here.

Everyone gets one right? But then just when Green Day seem like they might disappear into pop rock obscurity ( I say pop rock because they ARE NOT PUNK. You want punk buy a Black Flag or Minor Threat album and then come talk to me) they come back with their biggest album ever.... and it's a CONCEPT ALBUM!!!!! What. The. Fuck.

American Idiot came out in 2004, TEN YEARS after Dookie, and blew the doors off their previous success. Holy smokes! That's not supposed to happen ever! It's a record that follows the life of a guy named " Jesus of Suburbia" and it sold 14 million copies AROUND THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!!!!!!!

Seriously though. How is this happening?

To make matters worse after four years they made another concept record thay was just released called 21st Century Breakdown and it's the number 1 rock record in North America?!?!!?!?


Sorry. I had a mini 21st Century Breakdown of my own. I'm fine now.

Everything is cool.

Ultimately the success story that is Green Day will likely be studied for eons to come. Are they really THE BEST ROCK BAND ON THE PLANET? No. But this is an amazing (and possibly the only) example of the absolute perfect storm of right band, right place, right time, right three chords...twice in one lifetime.


PS-This song rocks.

Hats off to you Ricky Gervais!

Pure unadulterated hysterical Comedy is what Ricky Gervais has on his hands with his Guide to.... audiobooks, Steve Mercahnt and Karl Pilkington of course join him on his 5 guide topics that include; Medicine, Natural Histroy, The Arts, Philosophy and Guide to the English. The trio which have been doing radio shows and podcasts together for years dish out their opinions and disect each topic while getting down to the root of it by asking what Karl thinks becasue really no other opinion matters except for Karls! So get your butt to iTunes and download these comedy gems and don't be a cheap ass becasue there only $1.95 each which is a steal of a deal for an hour of entertainment.

P.S. These are great for long car rides!!

Here's a clip from one of their podcasts, the day Ricky and Steve made Karl watch Brokeback Mountain.



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Awesome Show, Good Job!

I love John C.Reilly... did anyone see Step Brothers, The Anniversary Party or Walk Hard. He is awesome! Now take John C. Reilly and put him on the "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job!" show and you get Dr. Steve Brule. This is wack but it's funny as hell.


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