Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Grizzly Bear,

Thank-you. Thank-you for one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life. Thank-you for bringing me to tears and restoring my faith in music.

It's like the beach boys finally stopped getting their teeth whitened and realized there was more to life than Luau's and ladies.

It's like Bobby Vinton breaking down on wine and showing up on your front lawn to poor his heart out to you.

This isn't the kind of music you can just hear and be like 'Oh cool, neato, I like this.'
Well maybe it is for some people, but for me it had to hit me at just the right moment.

I had put a bunch of tunes from my friends computer on my ipod and this song came on and changed my life.

Grizzly Bear-While You Wait

I listened to it on repeat for weeks.

There are only a few songs that have done this to me. Songs I listen to and love the same way you truly love a friend or partner. At first it's exciting and you can't get enough, and then you get comfortable with it and you see the delicate under tones. Then even years later you can still hear new things that keep you interested. It's the songs that stay with you for life.

This music is the music you'll marry and love forever.

Pixies-Where is my Mind?

I had the pleasure of seeing TV on the Radio the night before and deejaying with Jaleel afterwards for his birthday party. These guys are amazing. Jaleel is a pretty good DJ too!

Coldplay-Clocks (Royksopp trembling hearts remix)

TV on the Radio-Staring at the Sun (Diplo 808 remix)

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