Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All cheers, no jeers for The Dears

I dig this band. Many of "the messy ones" here at our blog love them too! Just scroll down and read Steve "Panties" Lepan's stirring blog about recently catching them in an Arizona blues bar. They are playing here in Vancouver on May 30th. We're dilligently trying to secure an intervie with the lead singer Murray Lightburn for our HOTMESS show this Friday 6-7:30pm on CITR 101.9fm.

Here's a letter I wrote to The Dears:

Dear The Dears,
Your music makes me cry tears in my beers. They are tears of joy so don't call the suicide hotline on me.
John Deers

I wrote it in crayon with my wrong hand and sent it via snail mail. I hope they read it....and don't get a restraining order against me.


This song is TOP DRAWER!

1 comment:

Blondtron said...

I love that we both wrote letters to bands we love on the same day on our blog. We are connected at the brain.

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