Thursday, November 6, 2008

Did You Miss A Show?

Nope, you didn't cuz it's availble for you to download as a podcast, just follow this simple and easy instructions and it will all work out.This is what you do....Open Itunes, Click podcast on the lefthand side of itunes windowfrom the podcast window select advanced from the options at the topfrom the advanced drop down menu click subscribe to podcasta small box will open copy and past the url below in the window then click ok and you will have subscribed to hotmess

You;'ll hear dope dj's, interviews with the likes of k-os, Hot Hot Heat, Creature and many more! there's even an interview with SATAN.

ALSO JOIN THE HOT MESS GROUP ON FACEBOOK. All your silly friends are doing it. Some of your silly enemies are also doing it.

we have a new myspace page as well that will have all the shows on it asap


Got a Hotmess?

Have you recently drawn on someone's face? Found a hot track? Barfed off a ferris wheel? Made or stumbled upon a great video? Poured gravy down your pants? Interested in advertising?


email us at

If we post it the karma fairy will sneeze in your double gin and you'll feel really good about yourself.

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