Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yep. There it is, one of the Best fucken costumes yet! Rotten Ronny, double fisting and in fine form! I miss that costume... it reminded me of my childhood...

I haven't written a blog on here since Christ was a cowboy. Whats been going on?

Well, I went to the Common/N.E.R.D show with Eddy which was pretty dope. Common is one of my favorite rappers (Electro Circus aside) but he did a bunch of weird acting stuff on stage which I wasn't really a big fan of. NERD on the other hand blew the roof off the Malkin bowl and changed the life of a 14 year old white kid named... ah shit I forgot his name. NERD was one of the best shows I've seen all year. I missed them at Pemberton but for anyone who hasn't seen them, make the effort cuz they ROCK! Literally!

I interviewed Brian Bell, guitarist from Weezer the other day which was nice. He was a super laid back yet cool dude. Jay Browner got to interview the other dude who played bass for fucking Vanilla Ice which was a tid bit of information I was not privy to. He was also a Marine which kind of makes him one of the baddest mothers on the planet. Jay always gets the fun ones, don't cha Jay... you evil bastard.

And to top it all off I've drank over 1 thousand cocktails but I also started going back to the gym which evens everything out nicely.

So now that we're all caught up, what the hell is everyone doing on Halloween? It would be cool if people sent in some pictures to our email of awesome costumes. I love pics from Halloween, like this dude I saw at the Dresden Room last year in LA...


My favorite are all the girls who decide this is their one chance to dress like a hooker and get away with it... they're everywhere. I had no idea so many girls where closet sex trade workers...

Well, folks we are doing a radio show up at the old UBC building on Halloween to get your night started right. It's Halloween theme and Jason Awesome and DJ Blondetron are putting together a mix of all the very best Halloween tunes available which will be peppered with stories of Halloween past and an interview with the Devil which is always good for a laugh.

Hope you have a Hotmess of a Halloween and don't wake up in a gutter.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What is evil?
Is there one definitive definition? Moral corruption, the cause of pain or suffering, disregard for the welfare of others, a pointy tail and horns, wearing-a-William Shatner-mask-that-has-been-altered-to-look-scary-and- brandishing-a-giant steak knife...... are these the characteristics of someone (or thing) who is evil?
If so then I feel that my list below is more than accurate.
List of evil things:
Steven Harper
Timbaland's work with Chris Cornell
that friend who never buys a round of drinks
reality TV
trans fats
bad breath
Britney Spear's parents ( what did you do to that poor girl?!?!?)
Christmas in hell
The guy who practices Karaoke late at night in the apartment above Marlene's
Toby Keith
Anthrax (the disease not the band)
Maybe the WORST evil is a society that can let itself become so desensitized to these atrocities?
PS- We have a Halloween show. HOT MESS- 6pm on CITR 101.9FM

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