Saturday, June 13, 2009


This week on the HOTMESS we are proud to present to you the first single from LA's hottest up and coming band the IT BOYS! Download the podcast, learn more about the bands journey, listen to the new single and LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Their myspace page has tons of pics, videos and tracks... I know the girls are gonna love these dudes... they are so young and so clean... Look out world these guys are about to be all up in your grill whether you like it or not!

Here are the two Matts celebrating their success and the merging of two handsome like minded individuals...

Handsome in Hollywood

Friday, June 12, 2009

Reunited ...and it feels so good.

My favortie band of all time reunited. FAITH NO MORE are amazing. Mike Paton is a genius. If you disagree with me I hate you. The album Angel Dust could be one of the most influential and kick ass records ever made. Don't believe me? Just ask your precious Rage Against the Machine or Linkin Park..they'll tell you.
Faith No More got back together after 11 years and are rocking Europe. I'm not there and I now wish I was dead. Sadness has enveloped my soul and I feel like Silvia Plath...without the talent...with a penis....anyway...shit. Look at this set list. Amazing.
Set List:
“Reunited” (Peaches & Herb cover)“The Real Thing”“From Out of Nowhere”“Land of Sunshine”“Caffeine”“Evidence”“Chinese Arithmetic”“Surprise! You’re Dead!”“Easy”“Last Cup of Sorrow”“Midlife Crisis”“Cuckoo For Caca”“The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”“RV”“King For a Day”“Malpractice”“Jizzlobber”“Be Aggressive”“Epic”“Mark Bowen”
Encore 1“Chariots of Fire”/”Stripsearch”“Just A Man”
Encore 2“I Started a Joke”“Pristina”
What the shit?!??!
I must see this band live.
Here's what it looked like. They opened with the song Reuinited by Peaches and Herb. What a bunch of geniuses.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Friday on HOTMESS... It Boys!

So, you know how we like to bring you the very best of what is new and awesome in the world, right? Well this Friday HOTMESS has a dope interview with Matt Cuts of IT BOYS! you don't wanna miss. These lads have climbed up the fence of life and are sitting on the edge about to jump head first into the neighbouring pool of stardom. Here is a behind the scenes look at their first video shoot in the massive, pimp suite at the Palms in Vegas. Girls are going to be throwing their underwears at these boys! WORLD BE WARNED!

It Boys! Webisode #9.2 6/2/09

Handsome in Hollywood

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zack Morris Lives

Mark Paul Gosselar made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night in full Zack Morris character.

Done in hopes of making Fallon's - NBC's dream come true of having a Saved By the Bell on air reunion, "Zack" even pulled out his coveted phone.

Although it's a shameless skit, I was mesmorized by the fact that he didn't look like he had aged at all... it's like Benjamin Button on pause.

Who Would Win In A Fight?

This is my new series blog. Every week I will pit two different subjects against each other in a no holds barred battle to the DEATH!

My first opponents were an obvious choice.


Zach Galifiankis

Nickname: Jimmy the Greek

Weapon: Beard of fury

Strength: moderate with beer belly

Unique Features: band-aid on beard is totally intimidating

Expertise: The acid tongue heckler attack

(he can destroy hecklers with a single venemous diatribe)

Demetri Martin

Nickname: Geek the Greek

Weapon: beard sheers of pain

Strength: Weak and skinny

Unique Features: Social Studies teacher jacket can conceal guns

Expertise: The bowl-cut head spin

(don' t let him get on his head and spin

he has a breakdance-like 360 attack!)

I thought it was appropriate for these two to go head to head because Zach's new movie The Hangover is in theaters right now and was the number 1 movie at the box office over the weekend. Demetri is an up and comer in the comedy community and seems to be a hit with the ladies with his "geek chic."

They are both popular right now and I think the people would love to see these two go at it.

What they ARE NOT is unique.

I don't know who bit whose style but something ain't right here.

They BOTH do a non-sequitur style stand-up routine accompanied by a musical instrument. Zack plays the piano; Demetri, the guitar. They're both Greek and they both look sort of cool and sort of ridiculous AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! What the shit?!?! Crazy hey?

Their vibes are too similar for them to be cool with one another.

I'm not sure if they know each other but I think if they were at a party together and the drinks were flowing shit might get ugly.

Instead of ruining everyone's Friday night and ending the party I suggest they fight it out here.

Of course, the winner is pretty obvious. Zach Galifianakis would rock Demetri's world and send him to Hades on a Greek Chariot of Doom.

Demetri would win a few rounds and weaken Zach but cutting off some of his Beard of Doom with the Beard Sheers of Pain...but ultimately the beard is just too damn thick and would smother Demetri by filing up his lungs with one brutal hairball after another!!!!

Rest in Peace Demetri, noble warrior.

I hate to see two Greek countrymen have to be the ones to battle for world supremacy but the planet is not big enough for both of them. Someone has to go.



2009 Tony Awards!

Well... I have no idea what Bret Michaels has to do with the Tony Awards but here he is putting the finishing touch on another fine, classy performance!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Escape?

Nice try. I won't let you!!!

Summer... I will stalk you down like the Paparazzi on a Bump Watch.

So maybe it's not 30 degrees outside anymore, but the sun's just napping. Soon it will stop hitting the snooze button and we'll all go back to fighting for space at beaches and bike racks.

Until then here are some things to bring the summer buzz back this week:

Watch "The Hangover". Yes, it's as good as people are saying.

Listen to Hotmess this Friday. Yes, it's as good as people are saying.

Take off your pants with DJ R i c c o. Yes, it's as good as people are saying.

Since being featured on Hotmess Radio earlier this year, Ricco has been mixing up hurricanes on dance floors all over.

Check out his new mix

r i c c o - Take Off Your Pants

Want more?

You can stalk him at , on Facebook ricco & vinnie , or sniff around town to the best upcoming'll probably find him there.


Everyone gets hungry from time to time, sometimes you're down right starving. Now I, like many of you out there try to eat a fairly healthy diet, but there comes the times when you just need to deviate from the vegetables and protein and chow down on a nice side of fries. That being said there is a fine line between a cheat meal and a blatant indulgent, glutenous, gorge fest, that is not ever humanly necessary. These such items of food, can be found on menus around the world, and for your viewing pleasure have been compiled on a glorious blog, so grab a bowl of carrot sticks and read on. Note this is not for the faint of stomach, it's similar to watching a train wreck you don't want to look but you just have to.

Heroes Star James Kyson Lee on Hotmess

On our latest podcast we were stoked to have James Kyson Lee come on HOTMESS to talk about season 4 of Heroes. It's a huge show and it's made some huge stars. James is an awesome dude and has a great life story. From South Korea to New York, from Hip Hop to Hollywood Star. He plays poker like a pro for a bunch of charities and he is a total music hound. We had lots to talk about including his upcoming projects "White on Rice" and "Star Runners" which will be airing on the Sci-Fi channel June 13th at 9pm.

We've been getting a ton of traffic lately so if you are new to our site join our twitter and facebook to keep informed about awesome upcoming guests, new blog posts and more. Thanks for listening to WWW.HOTMESS.ORG


What the hell happened to Arsenio Hall?

Remember the good old days back in 1994... The economy was solid, Bill Clinton was in the white house and The Arsenio Hall show was on the air. In 1994 Arsenio was at the peak of his career and Eddie Murphy was still cool. Remember when they made awesome movies like Coming To America and Harlem Nights? Everyone was pumping their fists and going "woo woo woo" and Arsenio always did that creepy move with his fingers... "It's this big people, I'm telling you." (see above)

Ah times have changed. Here's Arsenio busting Vanilla Ice's ballz over a beef with MC Hammer! Whaaaa...?


What the Hell happened?

Last time he was seen on TV was on the Dave Chapelle show... wait a second... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO DAVE CHAPELLE?

Apparently, Arsenio Hall's latest credit on IMDB is a movie called Black Dynamite! I'm sure it will be just as entertaining if not more so than Eddie Murphy's "Imagine That". Oh how I miss the early 90's!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Get Hooked On Whale Wars

So, I've been watching a lot of Animal Planet lately because I can't handle fucking "I'm a Celebrity get me out of here"... it makes me wanna put my TV in my car, drive down a freeway and toss my tube into oncoming traffic.

Animal Planet rocks my world right now. River monsters is a fascinating show, where this crazy English bloke goes deep into the Amazon and pulls shit out of the water from the prehistoric ages. It blows my mind the creatures that are out there that we don't know about. But I digress. WHALE WARS!!!

People, this show is insane. If you haven't seen it search through the titles of your Tivo/DVR, find it and record the shit out of it.

It basically follows crazy Captain Watson on a old busted boat "The Seas Shepard" with a bunch of mildly trained volunteers out into the seriously treacherous waters of the Antarctic to battle the Japanese Whaling fleet. This show is no joke, people are at risk of dieing 24/7 to stop the killing of whales. How do they afford this expensive quest you may ask... THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS! That right they operate from private funding and a lot of that funding comes from The Chilies!

Season 2 just started June 5th. This is some of the best reality TV I have ever seen, that is actually real and has real stakes! Don't fucking miss it!

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