Friday, June 12, 2009

Reunited ...and it feels so good.

My favortie band of all time reunited. FAITH NO MORE are amazing. Mike Paton is a genius. If you disagree with me I hate you. The album Angel Dust could be one of the most influential and kick ass records ever made. Don't believe me? Just ask your precious Rage Against the Machine or Linkin Park..they'll tell you.
Faith No More got back together after 11 years and are rocking Europe. I'm not there and I now wish I was dead. Sadness has enveloped my soul and I feel like Silvia Plath...without the talent...with a penis....anyway...shit. Look at this set list. Amazing.
Set List:
“Reunited” (Peaches & Herb cover)“The Real Thing”“From Out of Nowhere”“Land of Sunshine”“Caffeine”“Evidence”“Chinese Arithmetic”“Surprise! You’re Dead!”“Easy”“Last Cup of Sorrow”“Midlife Crisis”“Cuckoo For Caca”“The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”“RV”“King For a Day”“Malpractice”“Jizzlobber”“Be Aggressive”“Epic”“Mark Bowen”
Encore 1“Chariots of Fire”/”Stripsearch”“Just A Man”
Encore 2“I Started a Joke”“Pristina”
What the shit?!??!
I must see this band live.
Here's what it looked like. They opened with the song Reuinited by Peaches and Herb. What a bunch of geniuses.


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