Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ginger of the Week

Welcome to the very special second installment of 'Ginger of the Week'

This week we have another lovely brit with flaming locks not only on his head, but all over his face. His red beard is full of mystery, a mystery I don't care to solve. I just like listening to his music and occasionally sharing a shark costume.
Boy 8-bit Vs. Morgan Page-The Longest Score (Rob Pix Edit)

Boy 8-bit -Baltic Pine

Boy 8-bit -The Suspense is Killing Me(Drop the Lime Remix)

Boy 8-bit -Gold Dust

Lady Sovereign keeps it random

Lady Sovereign was at Richard's on Friday night and it was messy. Her opening band was Chester French, this duo from Harvard with a three-piece band that is kind of goofy but fun to watch. The lead singer had me hypnotized because he kind of looks like me but totally sells the skinny redhead rock star package the world so desperately calls for.

Next came the S O Veeee and this is when the evening went a little off the rails. Her first few songs were great and she kept things interactive, flashing her bra and spraying the crowd with Corona a couple times. Then her monitors stopped working and she flipped out. She stopped the show and started yelling at the sound people, calling one guy a "fat cunt" and threatening to punch him in the face. I wish she had done it because seeing a five foot tall chick wearing a hat with ear flaps hitting a middle aged dude with a beer gut would have made my month.

Anyway, they eventually got the equipment working and she calmed down a little. She can put on a show but could use some anger management classes I think. Lol celebrities.

Photos by Graham Cook.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey Dick Cheney, here's a thought... Why don't you crawl back into whatever swamp you crawled out of ya dink. I can't stand this man, he makes me wanna shoot someone in the face but this is pretty funny.


A Taste of Montreal in Phoenix Blues Bar

I wasn't expecting rain in the desert yesterday but it was much more likely than stumbling across a rythm and blues club presenting The Dears - one night only - for TEN DOLLARS. Seeming too good to be true, I double and triple checked the Montreal band's website to see their tour schedule and sure enough, here they are - in Phoenix - playing the day after I arrive for holidays.

We got to the bar at 7:30 and the doors were not yet open. In fact, the back door was open, they were doing sound check and our car and The Dears tour bus were the only vehicles in the parking lot. So we detoured around, found a couple beers and returned at 9pm to a packed house. However, I shouldn't say house, because the bar is more likely the size of your basement. And packed is equivalent to about 75 people. This was bound to be incredible.

At 10 oclock, the lights went down and that familiar voice started singing but he was no where to be found - until I looked over my shoulder. Frontman, musical genius, Murray Lightburn was walking around the the bar holding a candle, singing to the bar patrons. And before I knew it, he is standing toe to toe with me, singing literally inches from my face. Pardon the pun-like comment but I was like a DEAR caught in the headlights. (I can't believe that HE could keep a straight face when looking at my giddy school boy grin.) This lasted for half a minute with the eyes of the bar on the area around my barstool. When Lightburn walked away singing with his candle, the guy behind me that I had befriended earlier in the night yelled, THAT JUST HAPPENED! WOW!

The band, all seven members of them, then ripped through an hour and a half set on a 10' x 10' stage that included just about every song, from every album. At the beginning of the night, there were a handful of Canadians and a few Americans familiar with their music. At the end of the night, everyone was a super fan.

I've been to a lot of shows over the years, and people say this all the time, but that just might have been the best I have ever seen. Given the venue, and the size of the crowd and the fury in which they unleashed their multi-layered songs. Like the words Murray LIghtburn exhaled into the microphone upon leaving the stage at the end of the set, "Fucking Awesome."

Beards are the new black.

Okay, well maybe not. I still prefer those who put the "must" in mustaches but beard aficionados are gaining some serious ground.

Mark tomorrow on your calendars as it is the annual World Beard Championships!

Team Canada's best hope?

Protest the Hero guitarist Tim Miller (right... I wish left).

Tim gained enormous confidence in his food catcher after placing in Metal Hammer's "21 Best Beards" list recently. Click here to see the categories of the competition

If I could grow a beard I would shoot for the moon in the "Imperial" category personally.

However,I would have to dethrone current champ Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany.

I really appreciate the anti-gravity look he is sporting.But don't look directly at it or you will get lost in his beard of secrets!

Doves- Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver

I love Doves. I love them with as much man-love as a straight guy can feel for a trio of Brits who have a serious penchant for atmospheric, reverb heavy, cavernous, echoing rock. 

They write epic songs that sound like they're being played at the bottom of the sea.

It's as if Neptune decided to throw a party and asked the Doves to play, and all the mermaids got wasted and threw their seashell bras at the stage! Then the giant squids got rowdy and trashed Bikini Bottom and Spongebob got all pissed off and called the cops but there was nothing they could do cuz shit was just WAY out of control. Then, at like four in the morning, Neptune smashed his trident into the Mariana Trench and caused a tsunami and it totally destroyed Atlantis and shit! Then everyone went home, cuz like FUCK, who wants to have to help clean up an epic RAGER like that?!?!?

Oh you don't believe it happened, eh? Well then why did they write this song smart guy?
It's totally about that party!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two More Days!

That means only two more days until another night of greatness on the Hotmess radio show!

I bet you woke up this morning thinking "I wonder what the top song in Moldova is today?". I know I did. I was going to play it for you but I am sorry-it is a real stinker.

So instead you get this!
Trust me. You're welcome.

Lisztomania (Yuksek Remix)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love and Electrik

So I was pretty stoked to have Love and Electrik in the studio for last Friday's show. They embody everything I love about Miami Bass and ol' Dance-Electro!

Here's a little prince cover they did that is pretty much blasting in my ipod on the regular.

Love and Electrik-Nasty Girls

They're debut single Sex Video is about to drop any second.... I am basically the most stoked person ever.

They are opening for Amanda Blank next week. We'll be giving away tickets to the big night on this week's show. So don't sleep on it!

Here's Amanda Blank's newest bit of wet n heavy hotness.....

Amanda Blank-Might Like you Better

Classic Star Trek Gems!

So the new STAR TREK is out and it's awesome. It has raked in over a hundred million already and everyone loves it. Does that mean we are all turning into star trek nerds? I had so much fun in that movie I felt like a kid watching Star Wars for the first time. Ridiculous. Not to mention that the new Captain Kirk and Spock hang around all my local haunts in LA and they are a couple of cool dudes.

The other new fascination I have is with the music careers of the Old School Classic Star Trek cast. Check this out.

William Shatner had The Transformed Man:

Here he is doing his own version on Rocket Man... introduced by Bernie Taupin! Craziness!

Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura had two albums:

Here she is singing with Spock on the Star Ship Enterprise during a mandatory 15 minute crew break. Look at how Spock takes harping to the next level. They are having so much fun!

Speaking of Spock he has my favorite of all jams Bilbo Baggins:

REMIX!!! This is awesome!


Sunday, May 17, 2009


Found this little gem on the blog "20 PHOTO SESSIONS THAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED". Hey world, when you gather the family together to capture a memorable moment in time. Don't dress up in creepy atomically correct beast outfits and have your cute little daughter cradle your balls. Just a thought. I'm just putting that out there as something that should never fucking happen!


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