Thursday, November 27, 2008

London in West Hollywood, The Magic Castle and Dick Van Dyke

I was just in LA for a week.

I almost head butted Dick Van Dyke in the face...
Only in LA...

I went to the largest Magic Academy in the world... No folks not Hogwarts but the one and only MAGIC CASTLE!

We stayed at one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever stayed at... and I've stayed at quite a few. The London West hollywood is just off the Sunset strip and nestle in its belly of this beauty is Gordon Ramsey's newest restaurante named, of course, Gordon Ramsey... I had breakfast there, guess what it wasn't that good. HEY GORDO! Stop filming so many tv shows and work on your fucking breakfast menu.

LA is so crazy, I forgot that when you're in a restaurant and someone walks in the front door the whole restaurante looks to see if the person is famous. They try SO hard to look cool and nonchanlant, like they don't care but everyone does it.

I also forgot that there are about 10 millions people in LA and about 120 thousand of those people are in the acting union and about 15 of those people actually work. Only in LA will you find this sad, lunitic group of people who came to LA decades ago to make it in the limelight but never made it. Now they walk the streets of Hollywood singing to themselves, reciting lines from an audition they had in the 1940's dressed like these guys...

But that just all add to the charm that is LA... its a pretty cool place. A place where amazing celebrity encounters can occur, like when I was strolling through the mall, killing time while my wife bought half the Victoria Secret store, texting someone back home and almost walked the top of my head into Dick Van Dykes front teeth. HAHA Glorious!
Only in LA...

Than the call of all calls came in. Our good friend Josh Dean (Star of Young People Fucking, if you saw it he's the guy who gets a dildo in the bum from his own wife) Anyways our good friend Josh Dean has secured an invitation to THE MAGIC CASTLE.

Now I had no idea what the MAGIC CASTLE was but images imediatly jumped into my mind of smoke, mirrors and Scott Baio...

The MAGIC Castle as it turns out is a huge deal. Not only is it invite only but it's striclly formal attire. So, the wife and I get dressed up in our finest and off we go to get drunked and watch these dudes with no social lives pratice their bedroom arts of magic. And they are amazing! I was blown away... many, many times and it wasn't just the crazy medival castle and boozy cocktails working their mystical ways into my head, these guys were pulling some next level shit.... I wonder if David Blaine is a member of the Academy?
Anyhooo if you are going to LA any time soon try and work your way into this place because it's like the Playboy Mansion of Magic... there just no boobs... well actually there are no women really, unless you bring them yourself... come to think of it, it's nothing like the Playboy Mansion but it's something that only could exist in Los Angeles. Man I love that fucked up town.
PS If you find yourself in LA any time soon you must eat sushi at Hamasaku and you must must must go to Hatfeilds and have the tasting menu, it's the best meal I've ever had.
PPS Did anyone know Dick Van Dyke was still alive cuz that freaked the shit out of me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ha Ha...

It's a funny sketch, and it's not often lately that SNL has a hit, unless it involves a Sarah Palin impression.. Check it out...

"Milk" it Does a World of Good

Wanna learn something new? Well new to me anyway. Going into watching this movie all I had to go on, was a few good reviews, being a Gus Van Sant fan, and thinking that Emile Hirsch is a pretty good actor. I came out of the film, a little smarter, appreciative for the City I live in and really impressed by some fantastic acting. There are moments in the biopic film story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the United States, that seem slow and drawn out..but c'mon it's Gus Van Sant. I really liked the quick little stylistic moments that broke up the almost documentry style of filming. Emile Hirsche, Sean Penn and James Franco definitely definitely played roles in this film that make any actor dream to have moments like that. Over all I say go check out this film, it makes you think. I give it 4.5 messes all over your face out of five.

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