Friday, May 15, 2009

Awkward moments with Natalie Portman

So here is an awesome episode of "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis". If you don't knwo who this cat is... you will pretty soon. He is staring in THE HANGOVER, my favorite movie I haven't seen yet and he has like 100 movies coming out this year.


Demetri Martin Heart On

Every Friday is a seemingly never ending, nail biting wait for afternoon to come so I can ride off into the sunset of freedom. For two days. Then rinse and repeat. Every once and a while I bide that time with the comedic stylings of Demetri Martin.

Martin takes illogical humor to its logical conclusion with his use of props, guitar, and unparalleled whimsy.

It's brilliance slowly sneaks up on you- not because it is complex, but because it's so simple... and usually absurd (but you have thought it yourself before).

There is a ton of material you'll find if you Google him . But be fair warned ladies and gentleman-you will end up with a heart on.

Kasabian On Fuego

If you are looking for a song for the long weekend, a song that goes well with Beergaritas, look no further than Kasabian's hot little ditty, Fire.

These English lads Brit-Pop-Electronica-Indie-Rock Swagger has been around for a few years, but it is their forth coming album that looks to take the UK by storm. Their new video makes you wish watching Much Music was still part of your daily schedule. In a Beastie Boys Sabatoge-like fashion these dudes hold up a bank at guitar point, yes guitar point, and steal bags full of bank note sheet music. Genius. And catchy as all f*ck.

Hollywood running out of ideas? Attack of the killer remakes!!

Hollywood must be out of original film ideas, hit the bottom of the so called barrel for original, thought provoking , reach out and pull you out of your seat kinda movies. How does something like this happen? Isn't imagination limitless?

Up and coming remakes read at your discretion:

The Karate Kid which will now be called the Kung Fu Kid (insert laughter here) and oh wait what's this Will Smith will produce it and his son Jaden Smith will play the Karate Kid ooops I mean Kung Fu Kid. That basically means Will Smith bought the rights so he could have his son star in a movie. Who will be the Mr Miyagi type role you ask, well Jackie Chan of course who else??? This has Huge Hit written all over it!!! hmmmm

Fright Night has been announced by Dreamworks this one might not be to bad like how hard is it to make a movie about a teenager who discovers his neighbours are vampires. The updated version promises to keep the comedy-horror tone to the movie while modernizing the effects, as long as no one from Highschool Musical is cast this one stands a chance of pulling it off.

Jekyll and Hyde is being remade twice, yup and this one is just genius in its casting for both films. First up we have and this is not a joke Forrest Whitaker and 50 Cent starring as the lead Jekyll and Hyde roles, its suppose ot be a modern version of the classic I guess a hip hop version, can you say disaster. The second one will star Keanu Reeves.........enough said!

Barbarella was suppose to be remade with Rose McGowan starring in it but has since been canceled thank the film Gods for that, that film should not be touched let alone with her starring. The 1968 version of the French Comic is a tongue in cheek classic. And did you know that the band Duran Duran got their name from one of the characters of the same name in the film. Yes they did!! Don't feel bad for little Rose though she will be starring in the remake of Red Sonja becasue you know that's a much better idea.

This last remake just breaks my heart, it should NEVER be done, its like a sacrilege to even think of remaking it, it was so great the first time around. So sad to say they are remaking the Neverending Story. What in the fuck are you thinking Hollywood!!!! ya sure the effects are out dated but so fucking what that movie was awesome I cried my eyes out when Artax died in the swamp!! and who doesn't want Falkor as their own personal Luckdragon, you so know their going to give this entire movie a special effects make over and its going to look nothing like the orignal, no cheesy theme song that you can't help but sing along to, I'm so upset over this.

Falkor would like to remind you of previous Hollywood remake disasters; Psycho, King Kong, Swept Away, Planet of the Apes, Sabrina, Godzilla, Houses of Wax, The Producers, The Ladykillers, The Alamo, The Amityville Horror etc etc etc etc

Lighting doesn't strike twice people get it through your heads!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today I Wore a White Coat

Thats right, I did, I sported a crisp whiter than white coat, along with some sleek steve madden white loafers. And say what you will, it looked sharp like a porcupine spike, dipped in white paint and shining in the sun. Really there is nothing better than white, its clean, simple and see through when wet. I really enjoy white, it feels so modern and fresh... until someone bumps you whilst walking down the street holding your coffee. Besides that silly little issue it's time to go white people, white shoes, white hats, white shades, white underwear, white bathers, white sneakers, but not white skin.. get your tan on cuz two whites don't make a right. Thats it, thats all, now go put on some fresh white pants, some clean white calvins and a slick hat and your day will be allllll right.

Vintage !

Ginger of the Week

I've really been having a hard time thinking of stuff to write about lately, mainly because I have not been feeling very pop cultured since I locked myself in the studio in my pijamas in an attempt to finish the first EP with my band, Risky Business.

That being said I've really been inspired by La Roux's music lately. They are an electro-pop synth/vocalist duo from the UK. Their sound is largely influenced other ginger greats The Eurythmics and Depeche Mode.

What is it about red hair that incurs such greatness in people? Something in their fiery little mutant genes? They are the spidermen and batmen amongst us drab blondes and brunettes. Quietly making all of our lives better.

La Roux literally means 'The Red Haired One' which I thought was fitting for my inaugural 'Ginger of the Week' post.  Her voice is incredibly unique and the melodies written over the amazing beats are unexpected. As a song writer it's often easy to write the easy way with melodies that seem obvious. What I really appreciate about La Roux's sound is that it is slightly unpredictable and keeps your attention from start to finish.

There has been a wildfire of remixes circulating the net so I thought I'd pick some of my favourites to share with you fine ginger loving people.

La Roux-Bullet Proof (Zinc Remix)

La Roux-Bullet Proof (Foamo Remix)

La Roux-In for the Kill (Skream's Let's get Ravey Remix)

La Roux-Quicksand (Mad Decent Remix)

La Roux-Quicksand (Joe and Will Ask Remix)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Got You Dancing

Yes, its true Hotmess gots' you Dancing and so does Lady SOV. If you want a chance to check out Lady Sovereign Live in Vancouver at Richards on Richards on May 22nd. Then Email us at with your full name and phone number or you can call us live in the studio 604.822.2487 on friday May 15th and give us your info. The Winners Name will be drawn at the end of fridays show and will be called out later that evening. Until then, here is a sexy little remix to keep you dancing at home.


Dragonette is Fixin to Thrill

If you’re looking for some fresh electro noise to make love to, Dragonette is your new mistress.

Their title track and first single "Fixin to Thrill" will be officially released the last week of May, but it's already on group's MySpace page...and here!

This is harder, bitchier, and much crunchier noise than anything off of their previous success Galore. And you know what? I like that sort of thing.

They are even challenging you to remix your pants off with the a capella here:

What did they have to say for themselves?

"We've done some collaborating with some cool cats,
we've made some videos, commissioned some remixes from people we love,and all of this will be soon available for public consumption."

"So... in general the message is: We Are Coming to Get You."

Fixin To Thrill

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michael Jackson- Chapter 957 "What did his soul do in a past life to deserve all of this ?!?!!?""

So apparently bets are being placed on whether or not Michael Jackson is capable of pulling of the 50 concert "This Is It" extravaganza at London's O2 Arena beginning in July....or even if he'll survive.

The dude's ben plagued with health problems and face problems and legal problems and sex problems and skin problems and parenting problems and personal problems and public problems and people problems and psycological problems and domestic problems and money problems and problems with how YOU have a problem with all of his problems.

That's a lot of fucked up stuff to go through. To be honest one has to commend his resilience. I'm pretty sure after everything he's gone through in this shit-storm he calls a life he can pull off a few more concerts. For realz.
PS- MJ has hand selected 10 dancers to perform with him in London. I REALLY hope the chicks in this video are two of them. Their moves are sweeter than a lollipop lane lickfest...NOT! (bringing this saying back as I just saw Wayne's World the other night and forgot how rad it is.)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Go Bananas

The Re-RAD-ification of Grunge

This is an email I got from saucy auteur Steve "Panties" LePan regarding a band you may not have heard of but if you're down with guitar rock and lead singers who look like a bearded Jonas Hill you will probably like this!!!!

From Steve:

Every once in a while you stumble across someone or something that makes you say, I don’t know you, but I think I love you… Enter Atlanta’s MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA. I was introduced to them driving home late one night on a ‘freshly squeezed' segment on the radio. You might have met them on Late Night with David Lettermen on April 29th. Or I may just be doing you that favor RIGHT NOW.In a time when everyone gets they music one song at a time, I implore you to get the full album version of Everything to Nothing. Why? Cuz like all great albums it just tastes better in order. The first song hits you like a Keifer Sutherland head butt in a quiet pub. The second like a Jager Bomb at a Hells Angels gathering. By the third, you are drunk and singing along. You’ll hear distorted slide guitars, David Grohl – like screams and raw passion bleeding through the speakers.This may have something to do with the album being recorded live. You really feel you are at a live show But you’re not. You are in your living room at 12:30 in the afternoon and you can't stop until the ipod spontaneously combusts.Lyrically, the first several songs set a story of teenage angst; musically, it lights your house on fire and doesn’t slow things down until the second act and final songs that are just one notch lighter than the first. Am I building it up to much? You tell me. Download it. Today. But be ready to take the afternoon off work. As the lyrics in Track 2 go: SHAKE IT OUT. GOD I NEED ANOTHER AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER [AND ANOTHER]


You will likely be seeing more posts from Monsieur Steve Pantaloons LePan in the future!!!

I fucken hate Mondays!


EMINEM- still got it?

Lots of hype around the new Eminem album, RELAPSE.
Lots of haters too.
And in true Slim Shady fashion, there are some well timed beefs with other rappers to keep the momentum up for the album's May 19th release date. Apparently Nick Cannon is pissed cuz Eminem wants a piece of Mariah Carey - never mind that she looks as worn out as the stuffed Winnie the Pooh that my dog has humped ragged since 1983.
Rick Ross also has slight beef (it's more like shaved lunch meat than actual roast beef) saying that he's not impressed with the new tracks.

Tracks like this one:

So it begs the question- Is Eminem washed up? Is it even possible for artists to have the same kind of stay power that they once did, what with our 21st century attention span where the internet makes a new band famous every five minutes?!?!!?!?
Does this record matter?
And finally who would win in a fight, blonde Eminem of yesteryear or dark haired Eminem of 2009?


It was a doozey!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek- I LOVE YOU!!!

Star gate log 32.5- "Space... the Final Frontier, these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before."

These famous words are music to my ears! Being the eldest spawn to the ultimate Trekkie, I felt it was my duty to see the latest installment of this epic saga, originally created by Gene Roddenbery! I went and watched the newest STAR TREK movie, by J.J.Abrams tonight, which made love to my brain and then fed me happiness and laughter in its purest form! The new cast is fresh, hot, and ready to kick some box office ass! Look for your favorites: Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Scotty, and bones... oh, yeah and the original Spock 'Leonard Nimoy' brings sexy back!

If you haven't gone to see this action packed hilarious born again classic, then get your punk ass to the movies and "Live Long and Prosper" biatch!

Music and Dance on Hotmess

Thats right, we talked to Metric and Nico from SYTYCD played a track by his band the Pin Up Saints, and Metric gives us an amazing exclusive acoustic perfomace. Happy Mothers Day to all Your Moms out there.


Got a Hotmess?

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email us at

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