Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ginger of the Week

I've really been having a hard time thinking of stuff to write about lately, mainly because I have not been feeling very pop cultured since I locked myself in the studio in my pijamas in an attempt to finish the first EP with my band, Risky Business.

That being said I've really been inspired by La Roux's music lately. They are an electro-pop synth/vocalist duo from the UK. Their sound is largely influenced other ginger greats The Eurythmics and Depeche Mode.

What is it about red hair that incurs such greatness in people? Something in their fiery little mutant genes? They are the spidermen and batmen amongst us drab blondes and brunettes. Quietly making all of our lives better.

La Roux literally means 'The Red Haired One' which I thought was fitting for my inaugural 'Ginger of the Week' post.  Her voice is incredibly unique and the melodies written over the amazing beats are unexpected. As a song writer it's often easy to write the easy way with melodies that seem obvious. What I really appreciate about La Roux's sound is that it is slightly unpredictable and keeps your attention from start to finish.

There has been a wildfire of remixes circulating the net so I thought I'd pick some of my favourites to share with you fine ginger loving people.

La Roux-Bullet Proof (Zinc Remix)

La Roux-Bullet Proof (Foamo Remix)

La Roux-In for the Kill (Skream's Let's get Ravey Remix)

La Roux-Quicksand (Mad Decent Remix)

La Roux-Quicksand (Joe and Will Ask Remix)

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