Friday, August 7, 2009

Tiger Woods gives you wood...

Recently Tiger Woods farted in front of the nation. Live on camera. For all the world to see. It was during a golf tournament. Now golf will never be the same. But fuck it, is that really going to change how we feel about Tiger Woods? No. It is not. Tiger Woods is the essence of greatness. I love him and so do you and so does musician Dan Bern, just listen...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Rave a Life

I'm at the Fray concert right now. The music is just as depressing as I thought it might be. The singer is crying, the guys are silent, and the girls are touching themselves under their volleyball shorts. The only thing that is keeping me from cutting myself is the 5 Candy Ravers in bare feet and cowboy hats dancing with their glow sticks.

Did I miss the memo? Is E-tard the new E-mo?

Whatever it is, I like it. The chubby one even has a Rainbow Light Saber!

The gist of my story is: if your Daddy didn't love you enough, you were at the Fray show and you loved it. Apparently, my Daddy loved me just enough.

Photos by Jen Cook.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mother Mother, Sam Roberts Band

Vintage is the man with the hook up. While he was back at the ranch taking care of business, the man hooked up some random tickets. Mother Mother and Sam roberts at Deer lake Park.

Mother Mother has their shit figured out. All their songs are catchy and modern. The music is new and fresh. I'm predicting that this time next year some "hip hop" producer will be sampling their music for a new Hillary Duff album. This will also be the day I clean my ears with a knitting needle.

There's a reason The Sam Roberts Band is named after Sam Roberts. The guy is a musical midget genius. I've seen the band perform about five times and its always the same; 6ft of stage presence stuffed into 5ft of performer.

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