Friday, November 21, 2008

GaGa Bedding Block!

I still can't really believe I'm here, some how a ticket to this show magically arrived in my lap. It's funny as I sit here looking at all the mid to late twenty something mostly females all around me only 25% clad in neon and spandex I might add. I'm surprised at the variety I peeps I see, punks, goth's American apparel's and sweater vest matching boys. Gaga killed her way too brief but totally captivating performance, Too bad 95 percent of the audience didn't get it. Natasha bedingfield followed looking like she stepped out of a ghetto episode of the Hills. Did someone forget to tell her she's performing in front of 18 000 people, not schlepping around on highstreet, buying panties at H&M? Looks aside she was vocally surprising but equally boring in her raspy melodic voice, at times it felt her back up singers were drowning her out, over all it was a yawn. Nearing her sets completion her voice seemed a little worse for ware as she sang the theme song to the hills, is Audrina Partridge in the house? Or maybe Justin Bobby? The lights dim, 15 years ago they walked away and now it's time. The polka dot wearing spandex girls of yesterday year make my ears bleed as their vocals come over the speakers from the dark. Smoke and a lift, nothing less than what you would expect as the boys take formation in their classic line Across the stage. First way back track my favorite girl, mayhem ensues. I can't wait to get blondtrons over view as I'm here in the pit and she's got an eagle eye view from a box. The right stuff literally causes an earthquake as the floor shakes and I'm slightly frightened. Finally dancers hit the stage and they(NKOTB) all disappear three songs in, already, really? Anything less than a throw back to spandex and neon this show is a nostalgic blowout for 90's teeny hoppers and the old boys on the block brought a hefty efforted A game and slightly achey backs to do what they did 15 years ago. The crowd loved it, but it's more than I bargained for so my night of New Kids ends here. If you were 16 in 1990 and a pop music junkie then this is the tour for you. Gaga wanna get married??

Guilty Pleasuresaurus

I don't care if So You Think You Can Dance with the Superstars of Survivor Island and the cast of Big Brother XXIV is your guilty pleasure or not. These shows suck ass-balls. The women on that dance thing are fit as fuck though.

Above is a Guilty Pleasuresaurus doing the running man. Neato.
Below is something awesomer ( my new word for "more awesome").

This is wicked:

J. Awesome-O

Its all over, so lets laff

Ok, so im no politico, but damn this woman is really amusing to watch. Here are some of her greatest hits. Sarah Palin for Mayor of Vancouver?

So you think you can "Vote" Canada

I have to say Matt, I wanted to hear more about your Mexican antic's, and yah with all this technology it's a little scary that we could all end up like those people in Wallie. Now, on to my rant.. For those of you who are fans of the show "So You Think You Can Dance" the Canadian version, based on talent alone this season, completely trumps the original. Yes Canadians are so damn artistic we just can't help it. Now all we need to do is ship off or crappy host Leah Miller and import Cat Deely to match our competitors. I mean we got it all, great talent, great judges, and uncensored dances airing on a major network! Sometimes Canada really makes me proud, only sometimes, tonight was not one of those times, as Canada is clearly too nice! Why too nice you ask? well its obvious that you all feel sorry for poor Izaak.. Let me fill you in, Izaak for those of you who don't watch the program is one of the least talented dancers; I am not saying he is without skill or talent, but when side by side with the other competitors, and we are not even going into the technical, I'm not a dancer, this is simply based on performance. His stage presence is lack luster and fumbles unpassionately through all his movements. So why why why is he still on the show? Well week after week the Judges keep telling him his faults, offering criticisms and telling him his place and of course Canada being the nice, polite people that we are, feels bad for him and keeps him around for one too many rounds. It really is the only logical answer as to why he is still on the show. So seriously c'mon Canada step up to the place grow some balls and send the boy home, it will only help him really I promise you, and if that doesn't work I make a plee to the judges to compliment Izaak, tell him how amazing he is and maybe just maybe next week will be his last.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Viva La Mexico!

Ah modern technology. I am sitting in a park on Vancouvers West side waiting for my wife to pass her driving test, blogging on my smart phone.
Times... They have changed.

I just watched the Disney Pixar movie Walle on the plane back from mexico and it was quite clever and cute. In the future humans are fat usless slobs riding floating lazy boys with screens right in front of their faces. They never see what is directly around them only what is on the screen and that's how they communitcate with each other. Screen to screen, never face to face. I watched that movie and thought "Yeah that could be the future." Fucked up huh?

Anyhooo MEXICO! I was just chilling in the Mayan Riviera for a week. It was hot and awesome and I climbed some ruins from 205 AD or BC... They were old and cool. I had a great time but for some strange reason every second I'm in mexico I feel like I'm getting robbed...

We are taking Nov off from the radio show cuz Sam aka DJ Blondtron is learning how to teach yoga and I am gone for most of the month, so its blog time. Ed said people are actually reading this so we'd better keep it up.

I haven't seen Jay in so long I can barely remember his face.

Shit a wild pack off dirty kids just took over the playground I've been sitting on. Gotta go before I catch a rash. Ill check the spelling on this later. This blackberry keypad is so tiny!

Peace out bitches!

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