Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Viva La Mexico!

Ah modern technology. I am sitting in a park on Vancouvers West side waiting for my wife to pass her driving test, blogging on my smart phone.
Times... They have changed.

I just watched the Disney Pixar movie Walle on the plane back from mexico and it was quite clever and cute. In the future humans are fat usless slobs riding floating lazy boys with screens right in front of their faces. They never see what is directly around them only what is on the screen and that's how they communitcate with each other. Screen to screen, never face to face. I watched that movie and thought "Yeah that could be the future." Fucked up huh?

Anyhooo MEXICO! I was just chilling in the Mayan Riviera for a week. It was hot and awesome and I climbed some ruins from 205 AD or BC... They were old and cool. I had a great time but for some strange reason every second I'm in mexico I feel like I'm getting robbed...

We are taking Nov off from the radio show cuz Sam aka DJ Blondtron is learning how to teach yoga and I am gone for most of the month, so its blog time. Ed said people are actually reading this so we'd better keep it up.

I haven't seen Jay in so long I can barely remember his face.

Shit a wild pack off dirty kids just took over the playground I've been sitting on. Gotta go before I catch a rash. Ill check the spelling on this later. This blackberry keypad is so tiny!

Peace out bitches!

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