Friday, November 21, 2008

So you think you can "Vote" Canada

I have to say Matt, I wanted to hear more about your Mexican antic's, and yah with all this technology it's a little scary that we could all end up like those people in Wallie. Now, on to my rant.. For those of you who are fans of the show "So You Think You Can Dance" the Canadian version, based on talent alone this season, completely trumps the original. Yes Canadians are so damn artistic we just can't help it. Now all we need to do is ship off or crappy host Leah Miller and import Cat Deely to match our competitors. I mean we got it all, great talent, great judges, and uncensored dances airing on a major network! Sometimes Canada really makes me proud, only sometimes, tonight was not one of those times, as Canada is clearly too nice! Why too nice you ask? well its obvious that you all feel sorry for poor Izaak.. Let me fill you in, Izaak for those of you who don't watch the program is one of the least talented dancers; I am not saying he is without skill or talent, but when side by side with the other competitors, and we are not even going into the technical, I'm not a dancer, this is simply based on performance. His stage presence is lack luster and fumbles unpassionately through all his movements. So why why why is he still on the show? Well week after week the Judges keep telling him his faults, offering criticisms and telling him his place and of course Canada being the nice, polite people that we are, feels bad for him and keeps him around for one too many rounds. It really is the only logical answer as to why he is still on the show. So seriously c'mon Canada step up to the place grow some balls and send the boy home, it will only help him really I promise you, and if that doesn't work I make a plee to the judges to compliment Izaak, tell him how amazing he is and maybe just maybe next week will be his last.

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