Thursday, September 3, 2009

70 days later

Earlier this week, an internet video hoax caused a stir on the web because it was purported to show Michael Jackson emerging from a coroner's van. The video was soon after revealed to be an elaborate prank.

Tonight Michael Jackson is finally being put to rest, over a month after his death. He will share eternity with the likes of Clark Gable, Jean Harlow and W.C. Fields, entombed alongside them in a grand marble mausoleum at the Forest Lawn Glendale cemetery. His final resting place will be of limits to the public so this doesn't happen. 

Someone owes Jim Morrison's ghost an apology.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

$3000.00, a bucket of chicken, and a bottle of Petron.

If you have those things then Coolio is available for hire!

The Times Call, and numerous other sources, are reporting that Coolio played at a Colorado deli after they agreed on his "demands".

Deli Zone owner Jeremy King said his hope was that the rapper would reinvent his restaurant.

“My hope is that Coolio is going to give us some recognition. I’m hoping to get a cool reputation as a cool place to come see music.”

Just because "cool" is the root of his name does, it does not mean he is. That ship sailed over a decade ago on a not so "Fantastic Voyage".

I am sure such silly demands happen all the time but he was an easy target.

This news made me wonder what else Coolio has been up to lately. Earlier this year he was arrested for possession of cocaine and a crack pipe and can be seen in “Cookin’ With Coolio,” a video series on the Web’s My Damn Channel.

So...Is he still living in a "gangsta's paradise"?

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The War on Drugs?.....I'm Confused

A friend of mine was recently on a trip to the US where he fell and sprained his wrist. OUCH! So naturally he went to the local hospital to get it looked at, bandaged up and where they gave him a prescription for OxyContin. OxyContin really? for a sprain. For those of you who don't know its a drug derived from Opium and will give you a damn good high. Which got me thinking the States has a high percentage of people hooked on prescrition drugs and with all the Vicodin, Percocet and Oxy prescriptions being handed out for somethng as minor as a sprang its no wonder so many people are hooked on this stuff. In Canada if that happens to you your given A T3, as in one T3 maybe you'll get 2, and sent on your way. I had surgery for fucks sake and all I got was a prescrition for T3's and when i asked for something stronger they said NO... you'll be fine with these.

So why doesn't Canada hand out the good stuff like the States? Oh ya, we don't have drug companies that make money off of us getting high and hooked on OxyContin , Vicodin and whatever else they can hand out. So why in the fuck is there a war on drugs in the US when there ok with getting their own citizens hooked on prescritption drugs, a drug IS a drug. They certainly don't need to be giving OxyContin out for a bloody spranged wrist when a T3 will do the job.

I'm confused.


Monday, August 31, 2009

New Rules

Someone had to say it... all of it.

Watch New Rules - 8/28/09 in Entertainment | View More Free Videos Online at
From "Real Time with Bill Maher".

I have an enormous heart on for this man and you will too - eventually. He will break you.

Either that or he will make you want to join the other 23% that want to live on the moon.

I don't even know if you could escape his charms there.

I'll tell you where you can shove your pole vault....

Are the 2010 Vancouver Olympics still happening? Are you kidding me?!?! WHY? What the Laura Secord is going on here?!?!!?
In a time of economic downturn, when bankruptcy and job loss are rampant isn't it shocking that we are still going ahead with the Olympics?
Typically they cost millions of dollars and the hosting city ends up paying the price for years to come.
There are few exceptions and despite claims from certain cities some experts say that NO Olympic Games have made a profit in modern times.

MONTREAL, 1976: Debt:>1 billion (globe and mail;
LAKE PLACID, 1980: Debt: $11 million
CALGARY, 1988: Debt: $910 million (they claim a profit)
BARCELONA, 1992: Debt: US$1.4 billion
SYDNEY, 2000: Games billed as self-financing by politicians were a $2.3-billion loss (Auditor General New South Wales Report on Sydney (2000) Olympics)

The Beijing Olympics were the most expensive ever costing around $43 billion.
This is absolute insanity! We all know that money spent on ANY Olympics would be better spent in about a million different ways.

If it's really that important for amateur athletes to win medals they can come do hurdles over crack pipes and heroin needles in my back alley. Whoever doesn't land on drug paraphernalia gets a chocolate coin wrapped in gold tin foil.

If you want to know who has the right idea about the Olympics check with Prague. They're pulling out of the bid for the 2020 games because they know it would cost too much money! Money that no one has right now. Money that should go to making sure we have a social and economic future, not building an Olympic Center so your sister can become an expert on the uneven bars!

Prague are realists.

AFI- Crash Love

So if you're a fan of AFI you probably know they have a new album coming out in late September called Crash Love. It's been three years since their emo-has-sex-with-goth mega hit album Decemberunderground was released ( what's the difference between emo and goth anyway?!?!?) so I'll bet you're so happy to have new music from them that your mascara is running.
Here's an interview I did with them soon after their last album came out...

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