Tuesday, September 1, 2009

$3000.00, a bucket of chicken, and a bottle of Petron.

If you have those things then Coolio is available for hire!

The Times Call, and numerous other sources, are reporting that Coolio played at a Colorado deli after they agreed on his "demands".

Deli Zone owner Jeremy King said his hope was that the rapper would reinvent his restaurant.

“My hope is that Coolio is going to give us some recognition. I’m hoping to get a cool reputation as a cool place to come see music.”

Just because "cool" is the root of his name does, it does not mean he is. That ship sailed over a decade ago on a not so "Fantastic Voyage".

I am sure such silly demands happen all the time but he was an easy target.

This news made me wonder what else Coolio has been up to lately. Earlier this year he was arrested for possession of cocaine and a crack pipe and can be seen in “Cookin’ With Coolio,” a video series on the Web’s My Damn Channel.

So...Is he still living in a "gangsta's paradise"?

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Marika said...

My birthday is in less in two months....

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