Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Hotmess Olympic Hangover

By now we have all drank the Olympic Kool Aid.

And we have realized that although you may have won a gold medal in drunk cartwheeling, the hangover rhythm is gonna get you...

Olympic sized hangovers require equally Olympic sized solutions!!!

Here are some of my tested favorites:

1. Pedialyte: This is a better option to Gatorade, yup it’s for babies with diarrhea. It has more electrolytes than Gatorade, so it hydrates quicker.

2. Lemon: Puerto Rican's swear by rubbing lemon on armpits as a way to avoid a hangover. The idea is that the lemon prevents sweating, thus helping the body to retain fluid and voila no headaches. I say put one in the double Ceasar you will need 5 minutes after this doesn't work.

3. Grease: Hit up the German or Swiss houses for some schnitzel or cheese. Grease is your friend but in my experience I'd rather go to sleep with a belly of Fritz than try to go looking for it in the morning.

4. Crappy TLC reality show: These won't help your spins but it will make you feel less embarrassed about anything you did the night before. There is no way you can top these people...and they are sober. I think?

5. Coca-Cola: I don't really like pop but this move may save lives for up to 20 minutes. Fizz for the stomach, liquid for the dehydration, and a caffeine/sugar hit to perk you up. Buuuuuut this is very short lived as the consequent crash is going to make matters even worse.

My goal is simple; for everyone to have the same Olympic spirit to persevere as this woman.

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