Friday, December 5, 2008

This is Hot Mess


I am Surrounded by drunks, yes we are live on the air. I love our show, and I love my co-hosts. I must become a drunk ! !


Monday, December 1, 2008


So I just got off the email (is that phrase correct?!?!) with the powers that be and I believe that we will be bringing you an interview with MSTRKRFT very soon. They play The Plaza in Vancouver on the 28th of Dec. Tickets are on sale next week. get em here

STAY TUNED FOR THAT PODCAST IN THE NEW YEAR!!!! It's sure to be a doozy.

IN THE MEAN TIME WE DO HAVE A SHOW THIS FRIDAY AT 6PM ON CITR 101.9FM IN VANCOUVER with BLONDTRON ( bringing the beats! Plus we'll give ya a few choice surprises as per usual.

IF YOU CAN'T HEAR IT CUZ YOU LIVE ELSEWHERE FEAR NOT. You can always dowload our podcast for FREE on ITunes!!!!


Dear Soul, where art thou?

Okay, So I haven't blogged for a while, but with good reason! I have been in Yoga teacher training, which you'd think would keep me out of trouble. But no, no it hasn't. On the flip side of my zen I have been on a post-break-up, new hair cut, party train rampage.

It all started Thursday night, when my dear friend and flame to my party dynamite Isis rolled up to my house around seven or eight and I yelled to Ernold Sane, she's home Smell ya later! (okay, sorry I had to, I love Fresh Prince) Isis is half of Thunderheist, the greatest Electro Dance ass shaking duo ever. They had a show in Vancouver Friday night and Saturday night in Whistler.

Download Jerk-It!!!

When Isis and I get together it's like dropping mentos in diet pepsi... explosive. She had just played a banging night with our Hot and Messy friend Bazz, aka Ernold Sane in Victoria and was still, eerrrrm possibly drunk. 

Peep Ernold Sane's new Crazy Ice Cream remix HERE.

I went to yoga and came home to her and my roommate Erin rolling around to the floor, practicing their sexy tiger prowl dance, screaming 'MAKE IT HAPPEN!' needless to say my vodka was all gone. So I sucked it up, had a shower and put on my party pants only to emerge to the two of them passed out to Little Britain. Phew, I can rest. Friday was a different story...

The evening started off gently with some Sake Bombs and copious amounts of sushi at a giant table of Dj's... seriously... 

 Grahmzilla, The half alive crew, My!gay!husband!, Sincerely Hana, and yours truly. I had to take off early as I had box seats to NKOTB and wasn't gonna miss it for the world. I arrive, to a box full of my lady friends dressed in their teenage hear throb revival Friday best. So the thing about box seats is that there is free booze. I had a magic bottle of white wine that never emptied. I danced on a railing, screamed for Donny at the top of my lungs and was passed out on the couch by Step by Step. The mysterious bottle of wine that never emptied ended up emptying me. Sushi does not look so good second time around. I don't really remember much from there...

Fast Forward to 3 AM. I awake from wine coma dripping with sweat in my car, with the heat on high, just blaring, to my 30th missed call. You see I was throwing the Thunderheist and Sammy Bananas afterparty with my friends at Schitz Popinov, and I was supposed to be there at 2 AM. I stumbled out of my car to the vast and empty Costco underground parking lot. Apparently this is one of those parking lots that closes at 12 AM. So I was trapped, and I set off all the alarms as I ran through corridors desperately trying to escape. I emerged from the parking lot to angels singing as a cab magically pulled up.

The rest is a blur, and what I do remember probably shouldn't be published to the internet. I will say that by noon the next day, we were still drunk sitting at Subeez, trying to eat some food.
On a whim, I decided to be a total roadie and go up to Whistler for their next show since I had slept through the Vancouver one which is really just unacceptable.
Jeremiah, DJ Neoteric picked us drunkards up, piled us in the back and it was up to Whis to do it all over again. I honestly thought I was going to die. The trick to continuous partying is not lying down, the second you do, it's game over. But I did, and was brutally awoken with a pillow to the head and a sip of scotch.

Off to the club, I may or may not have entered a booty shaking competition and I may or may not have won a giant pitcher of vodka.

Thunderheist killed it, as if I was surprised, these guys are the real deal and I'm their number one fan. If they didn't exist I'd be shooting myself on air and looping it for CanCon.

We decided to bring the party back to our Hotel suite but upon arrival realized that only dudes had come. So we put on our robes, turned on star trek and said thanks but no thanks... "uhhhh you guys are gonna have to go now."  They left us this note though, how sweet...

In closing I would like to send out a public plea to my soul.... Please come back, you are dearly missed.

Love Blondtron.

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