Friday, April 24, 2009

Magical Movies

I met an awesome guy, Mike, last week who is part of a sketch comedy group in our lovely city of Vancouver. This stuff is effing hilarious. These little movies are my new go-to-post-drinking-pizza-face-stuffing-laugh-out-loud youtube videos.

Check this one, the magic movie, probably my favourite.

Here's some more magic for your ears!!

Risky Business has molested a Chrome kids track and made it something special.....

Risky Business Ft. Chrome Kids-Bang Bang

And the sun has been out so why not blast some happy fun music from the Magic Wands...

Magic Wands-Black Magic

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snoop Dogg Waxed!

Snoop Dogg has just become the first living rapper to be inducted into Madame Toussaud's in Las Vegas. Their latest waxy creation, despite a bit of a Tyra 5 head, looks exactly like the rapper himself. Sometimes they look a little freaky but this time they hit the chronic nail on the head. The event took place on, of course, the night of 4/20 and both Snoops wore matching outfits from his Rich and Infamous line.

Snoop was so taken with his wax twin that he couldn't help but whisper sweet nothings into it's cornrows of secrets. Or maybe he was trying to smoke him?

He also used the unveiling to further his fascination with the world of Country music- pimping his upcoming Johnny Cash remix effort. He has caught a whiff of what's cooking in the country kitchen and likes it! He has recently gone so far as attending the CMT awards and voicing excitement at the idea of a gangster Pop Rap with Miley Cyrus.

My favorite quote?

"Country musicians are just like us. They smoke weed, get drunk, talk s--t, go to jail. But they just wear little hats."

Johnny Cash Remixed is due out of June 15th and comes with a bonus making-of documentary DVD. In the meantime bask in the glory of this rediscovered remix greatness. Alliteration is neat-o...

Drop it Like it's Hot (dAta Remix)


Check this out. This 28 year old dude in Russia starts getting chest pains one day and begins to cough up blood.

He goes to the doctor.

Doc, I'm in pain and I'm bleeding out my mouth.

Sounds like a tumor kid. Shitty for you, let take an X-RAY and have a look, shall we?

Holy shit kid! What have you been eating?

What do you mean Doc?

You have a 2 inch fucking fir tree growing in your lung.

DUDE:(passes out)

Apparently the dude had somehow inhaled a fir tree seed which had flourished in his rich nutritious lung soil sprouting into a healthy 2 inch shrub. Doctors say pine needles aren't good for lung tissue which is why he was coughing up blood, surprise! They removed the tree and the 28 year old human green house should be OK.


Here is a tree song:


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I love Sexy People This blog is amazing. I hope one day I'll be on it. I think I already have some gems worthy of it. Maybe I should submit them?

This is me.... the sexy one in the tassle shirt.... Worthy? Maybe? Please?

Here's a little diddy from an actual sexy person who has guested on our show before and is completely blowing up!

Human Ft. Mickey Factz- Curtis Santiago
And y'all can hate on Britney but this remix is so fresh. The Crookers were just up here in Vancouver and absolutely killed it. I can't wait until they're back!

If U Seek Amy (Crookers Toy Soldier Remix- Britney Spears

Jay interviews K-OS

The K-OS Yes! Karma Tour
With special guest Jay Malinowski


NO ADVANCE TICKET SALES/ Doors 8:00 / Show 9:30pm

proceeds from this show go to the David Suzuki Foundation


1 May 2009
Croatian Cultural Centre
3 May 2009
Edmonton Events Centre
4 May 2009
Macewan Hall
6 May 2009
Burton Cummings
9 May 2009
Kool Haus
10 May 2009
Centennial Hall
13 May 2009
14 May 2009
16 May 2009
Cunard Centre
20 Jun 2009
Edgefest 09 - Downsview Park
27 Jun 2009
Saskatoon Jazz Fest
7 Aug 2009
Regina Folk Festival - Victoria Park


STOP. COLLABORATE. AND LISTEN (sorry I couldn't help it) and prepare yourself for possibly the best or worst news of your life.

Hot off the heels of Easter two of the biggest names in early 90's hip hop announced their very own resurrection...a world tour! Sorry Jesus but you got a run for your money this year. While nothing has been "set in stone", Ice states it is definitely happening.

But really, we all knew this was coming didn't we? New Kids swung the golden reunion tour door open for bands like this and now these guys want to "hammer time" through it. I applaud their efforts since it gives an excuse to endlessly rehearse the moves from "Go Ninja Rap" without shame.

While this wreaks of possible train wreck-ness, the news put me on a 2 hour Google tirade as memories of the "Cool as Ice" movie and hammer pants longings assaulted my keyboard.

Hopefully the well known frenemies can hold it together long enough to hit the west coast… check out this Arsenio Hall interview that has made a comeback of it's own. When is his world tour? I like the cut of his gib.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Leonard Nimoy VS Ice Cube

I just got back from 4 days in Orlando Florida. That place is a trip... Sea world, Disney World, Universal Studios. It's a hotbed for massive tourist attractions. I felt so small there. I was in Orlando promoting HOTMESS at a big sci-fi convention called FX Con where I got drunk off my ass and had dinners with sci-fi TV stars of the past, present... and future. Weird right... I'm not going to explain myself.

It was a gong show and on top of Leonard Nimoy there were a bunch of amazing comic book artists in attendance. One night, as I was stumbling around in the balmy Florida heat, I happened across this jolly event called a Drink'n Draw. I thought there would be guns involved... but sadly no. At the Drink'n Draw awesome artists pick a bar, gather, drink a shit load and draw. It was nuts!

How sick is this joker!?!?!

You can say all you want about comic book collectors and sci-fi geeks my friends but this is what I have learned. They are taking over the world!
Look at mainstream entertainment. All video games, comic books and fantasy novels are swiftly being produced into THE mainstream big budget movies. Transformers, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Harry Potter, fucken Star Trek... STAR TREK!?!?! These people are dictating what is hot in the world of entertainment. I mean shit, Star Trek is back and it's cool! JJ ABRAMS is bringing trekkies back!

Meeting the original Spock was sweet. I asked him to give me the Vulcan death grip but no dice. Did you know the dude had a music career... check this shit out!


Speaking of crazy shtuff.

Mi Amigo back home in Vancouver reminded me what I was missing out on at 420 yesterday. Every April 20th half the goddamn city gathers to smoke as much BC Bud as possible at 420pm. Looks like a good time was had by all. World welcome to Vancity!

PS - Ice Cube was next to me in the airport coming home. He was looking straight gangster... even though his last movie "Are we there yet?" was some urban family romp... I guess the dude still has his attitude!
ICE CUBE-Check Yo Self (Remix).mp3

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes! ButtCracks and Travel.

Holy cow Batman, the radio show we did on Friday night (listen to the right) was a friggin doozy! KOS has a new album YES! he does. Fashionistas are making designer butt cracks and the world is under extreme surveillance. If you don't already listen to our show, download our podcasts from iTunes or play them off of this site, your seriously missing out. Justin Lukach, host of Departures dropped by the studio to guest host and his counterpart Scott Wilson, rang us up to share some stories. We talked about travelling, listened to some wicked music, and learned about full body scans.
All in a day at Hotmess world headquaters.
Tune in to OLN and watch Departures new episodes airing 7 and 9 pm on Saturdays for all the details go to

and then go check out KOS's tasty new album at (download some free k-os tracks here...just scroll down!!)  Have yourselves a swell week folks.



New Metric measures up

Emily Haines likes to scissor kick and soldier march while playing the keyboards in short shorts. It's quite the site to behold, so go see METRIC when they play your town ya balogna!
Their new album Fatasies is neater than a skeeter's peter. It's really got that "it," ya dig? The kids can really swing to it daddy-o! Talking with old skool 50's slang is fun.

Metric concert dates:

20 Apr 2009 20:00
Pyramid Cabaret (Acoustic Show) Winnipeg, Manitoba
21 Apr 2009 20:00
Avenue Theatre (Acoustic Show) Edmonton, Alberta
22 Apr 2009 20:00
Grand Theatre (Acoustic Show) Calgary, Alberta
23 Apr 2009 20:00
Media Club (Acoustic Show) Vancouver, British Columbia
24 Apr 2009 20:00
Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival Whistler, British Columbia
4 May 2009 20:00
La Maroquinerie Paris
5 May 2009 20:00
Luxor Koln
6 May 2009 20:00
Melkweg Amsterdam
8 May 2009 20:00
Les Nuits Botanique Brussels
9 May 2009 20:00
Magnet Berlin
11 May 2009 20:00
Academy 3 Manchester
12 May 2009 20:00
Oran Mor Glasgow
13 May 2009 20:00
Kasbah Coventry
15 May 2009 20:00
The Great Escape Festival Brighton
16 May 2009 20:00
Thekla Bristol
17 May 2009 20:00
Oxford Academy Oxford
18 May 2009 20:00
for more dates, please see

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