Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes! ButtCracks and Travel.

Holy cow Batman, the radio show we did on Friday night (listen to the right) was a friggin doozy! KOS has a new album YES! he does. Fashionistas are making designer butt cracks and the world is under extreme surveillance. If you don't already listen to our show, download our podcasts from iTunes or play them off of this site, your seriously missing out. Justin Lukach, host of Departures dropped by the studio to guest host and his counterpart Scott Wilson, rang us up to share some stories. We talked about travelling, listened to some wicked music, and learned about full body scans.
All in a day at Hotmess world headquaters.
Tune in to OLN and watch Departures new episodes airing 7 and 9 pm on Saturdays for all the details go to

and then go check out KOS's tasty new album at (download some free k-os tracks here...just scroll down!!)  Have yourselves a swell week folks.



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