Monday, April 20, 2009

Leonard Nimoy VS Ice Cube

I just got back from 4 days in Orlando Florida. That place is a trip... Sea world, Disney World, Universal Studios. It's a hotbed for massive tourist attractions. I felt so small there. I was in Orlando promoting HOTMESS at a big sci-fi convention called FX Con where I got drunk off my ass and had dinners with sci-fi TV stars of the past, present... and future. Weird right... I'm not going to explain myself.

It was a gong show and on top of Leonard Nimoy there were a bunch of amazing comic book artists in attendance. One night, as I was stumbling around in the balmy Florida heat, I happened across this jolly event called a Drink'n Draw. I thought there would be guns involved... but sadly no. At the Drink'n Draw awesome artists pick a bar, gather, drink a shit load and draw. It was nuts!

How sick is this joker!?!?!

You can say all you want about comic book collectors and sci-fi geeks my friends but this is what I have learned. They are taking over the world!
Look at mainstream entertainment. All video games, comic books and fantasy novels are swiftly being produced into THE mainstream big budget movies. Transformers, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Harry Potter, fucken Star Trek... STAR TREK!?!?! These people are dictating what is hot in the world of entertainment. I mean shit, Star Trek is back and it's cool! JJ ABRAMS is bringing trekkies back!

Meeting the original Spock was sweet. I asked him to give me the Vulcan death grip but no dice. Did you know the dude had a music career... check this shit out!


Speaking of crazy shtuff.

Mi Amigo back home in Vancouver reminded me what I was missing out on at 420 yesterday. Every April 20th half the goddamn city gathers to smoke as much BC Bud as possible at 420pm. Looks like a good time was had by all. World welcome to Vancity!

PS - Ice Cube was next to me in the airport coming home. He was looking straight gangster... even though his last movie "Are we there yet?" was some urban family romp... I guess the dude still has his attitude!
ICE CUBE-Check Yo Self (Remix).mp3

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Ready Eddy said...

Sci fi is taking over you say? Hunh? Frightened am I !

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