Tuesday, April 21, 2009


STOP. COLLABORATE. AND LISTEN (sorry I couldn't help it) and prepare yourself for possibly the best or worst news of your life.

Hot off the heels of Easter two of the biggest names in early 90's hip hop announced their very own resurrection...a world tour! Sorry Jesus but you got a run for your money this year. While nothing has been "set in stone", Ice states it is definitely happening.

But really, we all knew this was coming didn't we? New Kids swung the golden reunion tour door open for bands like this and now these guys want to "hammer time" through it. I applaud their efforts since it gives an excuse to endlessly rehearse the moves from "Go Ninja Rap" without shame.

While this wreaks of possible train wreck-ness, the news put me on a 2 hour Google tirade as memories of the "Cool as Ice" movie and hammer pants longings assaulted my keyboard.

Hopefully the well known frenemies can hold it together long enough to hit the west coast… check out this Arsenio Hall interview that has made a comeback of it's own. When is his world tour? I like the cut of his gib.

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