Thursday, April 1, 2010

Your Scene Sucks.

Do you or does someone you know look like any of the characters above? I thought so. Look, it might be time to have a laser doctor remove your face/neck/penis ink. Maybe you got one on your fallopian tubes because you wanted to stick it society with your individuality. Bad move.
I'll tell you this while there's still time before know the year John Cusack is supposed to bring on the end of the world...YOUR TATTOOS ARE LAME. So are your Buddy Holly glasses sans lenses. So is your fucking nonchalant attitude and general disposition.
Seriously, do you think you're better than getting a regular JOB? FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?!?!? Tats are tacky. They look bad now and they'll look worse when you're a fifty year old dried up California Raisin.
No one will want to fuck you except for maybe some Nazi-Sandra Bullock-marriage-destroyer.
That is all.

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