Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snoop Dogg Waxed!

Snoop Dogg has just become the first living rapper to be inducted into Madame Toussaud's in Las Vegas. Their latest waxy creation, despite a bit of a Tyra 5 head, looks exactly like the rapper himself. Sometimes they look a little freaky but this time they hit the chronic nail on the head. The event took place on, of course, the night of 4/20 and both Snoops wore matching outfits from his Rich and Infamous line.

Snoop was so taken with his wax twin that he couldn't help but whisper sweet nothings into it's cornrows of secrets. Or maybe he was trying to smoke him?

He also used the unveiling to further his fascination with the world of Country music- pimping his upcoming Johnny Cash remix effort. He has caught a whiff of what's cooking in the country kitchen and likes it! He has recently gone so far as attending the CMT awards and voicing excitement at the idea of a gangster Pop Rap with Miley Cyrus.

My favorite quote?

"Country musicians are just like us. They smoke weed, get drunk, talk s--t, go to jail. But they just wear little hats."

Johnny Cash Remixed is due out of June 15th and comes with a bonus making-of documentary DVD. In the meantime bask in the glory of this rediscovered remix greatness. Alliteration is neat-o...

Drop it Like it's Hot (dAta Remix)

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Blondtron said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I want to whisper sweet nothings in his cornrows!

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