Friday, November 21, 2008

GaGa Bedding Block!

I still can't really believe I'm here, some how a ticket to this show magically arrived in my lap. It's funny as I sit here looking at all the mid to late twenty something mostly females all around me only 25% clad in neon and spandex I might add. I'm surprised at the variety I peeps I see, punks, goth's American apparel's and sweater vest matching boys. Gaga killed her way too brief but totally captivating performance, Too bad 95 percent of the audience didn't get it. Natasha bedingfield followed looking like she stepped out of a ghetto episode of the Hills. Did someone forget to tell her she's performing in front of 18 000 people, not schlepping around on highstreet, buying panties at H&M? Looks aside she was vocally surprising but equally boring in her raspy melodic voice, at times it felt her back up singers were drowning her out, over all it was a yawn. Nearing her sets completion her voice seemed a little worse for ware as she sang the theme song to the hills, is Audrina Partridge in the house? Or maybe Justin Bobby? The lights dim, 15 years ago they walked away and now it's time. The polka dot wearing spandex girls of yesterday year make my ears bleed as their vocals come over the speakers from the dark. Smoke and a lift, nothing less than what you would expect as the boys take formation in their classic line Across the stage. First way back track my favorite girl, mayhem ensues. I can't wait to get blondtrons over view as I'm here in the pit and she's got an eagle eye view from a box. The right stuff literally causes an earthquake as the floor shakes and I'm slightly frightened. Finally dancers hit the stage and they(NKOTB) all disappear three songs in, already, really? Anything less than a throw back to spandex and neon this show is a nostalgic blowout for 90's teeny hoppers and the old boys on the block brought a hefty efforted A game and slightly achey backs to do what they did 15 years ago. The crowd loved it, but it's more than I bargained for so my night of New Kids ends here. If you were 16 in 1990 and a pop music junkie then this is the tour for you. Gaga wanna get married??


blondtron said...

i made it to step by step, danced on the railing and passed out.

blondtron said...

white wine you see, white wine.

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