Monday, May 11, 2009

EMINEM- still got it?

Lots of hype around the new Eminem album, RELAPSE.
Lots of haters too.
And in true Slim Shady fashion, there are some well timed beefs with other rappers to keep the momentum up for the album's May 19th release date. Apparently Nick Cannon is pissed cuz Eminem wants a piece of Mariah Carey - never mind that she looks as worn out as the stuffed Winnie the Pooh that my dog has humped ragged since 1983.
Rick Ross also has slight beef (it's more like shaved lunch meat than actual roast beef) saying that he's not impressed with the new tracks.

Tracks like this one:

So it begs the question- Is Eminem washed up? Is it even possible for artists to have the same kind of stay power that they once did, what with our 21st century attention span where the internet makes a new band famous every five minutes?!?!!?!?
Does this record matter?
And finally who would win in a fight, blonde Eminem of yesteryear or dark haired Eminem of 2009?

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