Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michael Jackson- Chapter 957 "What did his soul do in a past life to deserve all of this ?!?!!?""

So apparently bets are being placed on whether or not Michael Jackson is capable of pulling of the 50 concert "This Is It" extravaganza at London's O2 Arena beginning in July....or even if he'll survive.

The dude's ben plagued with health problems and face problems and legal problems and sex problems and skin problems and parenting problems and personal problems and public problems and people problems and psycological problems and domestic problems and money problems and problems with how YOU have a problem with all of his problems.

That's a lot of fucked up stuff to go through. To be honest one has to commend his resilience. I'm pretty sure after everything he's gone through in this shit-storm he calls a life he can pull off a few more concerts. For realz.
PS- MJ has hand selected 10 dancers to perform with him in London. I REALLY hope the chicks in this video are two of them. Their moves are sweeter than a lollipop lane lickfest...NOT! (bringing this saying back as I just saw Wayne's World the other night and forgot how rad it is.)

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Handsome Anderson said...

I watch a lot of America's Funniest Home Videos and I can't tell you how many of those videos are comprised of girls like this filming themselves dancing then falling down a flight of stairs.

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