Friday, May 15, 2009

Hollywood running out of ideas? Attack of the killer remakes!!

Hollywood must be out of original film ideas, hit the bottom of the so called barrel for original, thought provoking , reach out and pull you out of your seat kinda movies. How does something like this happen? Isn't imagination limitless?

Up and coming remakes read at your discretion:

The Karate Kid which will now be called the Kung Fu Kid (insert laughter here) and oh wait what's this Will Smith will produce it and his son Jaden Smith will play the Karate Kid ooops I mean Kung Fu Kid. That basically means Will Smith bought the rights so he could have his son star in a movie. Who will be the Mr Miyagi type role you ask, well Jackie Chan of course who else??? This has Huge Hit written all over it!!! hmmmm

Fright Night has been announced by Dreamworks this one might not be to bad like how hard is it to make a movie about a teenager who discovers his neighbours are vampires. The updated version promises to keep the comedy-horror tone to the movie while modernizing the effects, as long as no one from Highschool Musical is cast this one stands a chance of pulling it off.

Jekyll and Hyde is being remade twice, yup and this one is just genius in its casting for both films. First up we have and this is not a joke Forrest Whitaker and 50 Cent starring as the lead Jekyll and Hyde roles, its suppose ot be a modern version of the classic I guess a hip hop version, can you say disaster. The second one will star Keanu Reeves.........enough said!

Barbarella was suppose to be remade with Rose McGowan starring in it but has since been canceled thank the film Gods for that, that film should not be touched let alone with her starring. The 1968 version of the French Comic is a tongue in cheek classic. And did you know that the band Duran Duran got their name from one of the characters of the same name in the film. Yes they did!! Don't feel bad for little Rose though she will be starring in the remake of Red Sonja becasue you know that's a much better idea.

This last remake just breaks my heart, it should NEVER be done, its like a sacrilege to even think of remaking it, it was so great the first time around. So sad to say they are remaking the Neverending Story. What in the fuck are you thinking Hollywood!!!! ya sure the effects are out dated but so fucking what that movie was awesome I cried my eyes out when Artax died in the swamp!! and who doesn't want Falkor as their own personal Luckdragon, you so know their going to give this entire movie a special effects make over and its going to look nothing like the orignal, no cheesy theme song that you can't help but sing along to, I'm so upset over this.

Falkor would like to remind you of previous Hollywood remake disasters; Psycho, King Kong, Swept Away, Planet of the Apes, Sabrina, Godzilla, Houses of Wax, The Producers, The Ladykillers, The Alamo, The Amityville Horror etc etc etc etc

Lighting doesn't strike twice people get it through your heads!


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