Monday, May 11, 2009

The Re-RAD-ification of Grunge

This is an email I got from saucy auteur Steve "Panties" LePan regarding a band you may not have heard of but if you're down with guitar rock and lead singers who look like a bearded Jonas Hill you will probably like this!!!!

From Steve:

Every once in a while you stumble across someone or something that makes you say, I don’t know you, but I think I love you… Enter Atlanta’s MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA. I was introduced to them driving home late one night on a ‘freshly squeezed' segment on the radio. You might have met them on Late Night with David Lettermen on April 29th. Or I may just be doing you that favor RIGHT NOW.In a time when everyone gets they music one song at a time, I implore you to get the full album version of Everything to Nothing. Why? Cuz like all great albums it just tastes better in order. The first song hits you like a Keifer Sutherland head butt in a quiet pub. The second like a Jager Bomb at a Hells Angels gathering. By the third, you are drunk and singing along. You’ll hear distorted slide guitars, David Grohl – like screams and raw passion bleeding through the speakers.This may have something to do with the album being recorded live. You really feel you are at a live show But you’re not. You are in your living room at 12:30 in the afternoon and you can't stop until the ipod spontaneously combusts.Lyrically, the first several songs set a story of teenage angst; musically, it lights your house on fire and doesn’t slow things down until the second act and final songs that are just one notch lighter than the first. Am I building it up to much? You tell me. Download it. Today. But be ready to take the afternoon off work. As the lyrics in Track 2 go: SHAKE IT OUT. GOD I NEED ANOTHER AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER [AND ANOTHER]


You will likely be seeing more posts from Monsieur Steve Pantaloons LePan in the future!!!

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