Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Classic Star Trek Gems!

So the new STAR TREK is out and it's awesome. It has raked in over a hundred million already and everyone loves it. Does that mean we are all turning into star trek nerds? I had so much fun in that movie I felt like a kid watching Star Wars for the first time. Ridiculous. Not to mention that the new Captain Kirk and Spock hang around all my local haunts in LA and they are a couple of cool dudes.

The other new fascination I have is with the music careers of the Old School Classic Star Trek cast. Check this out.

William Shatner had The Transformed Man:

Here he is doing his own version on Rocket Man... introduced by Bernie Taupin! Craziness!

Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura had two albums:

Here she is singing with Spock on the Star Ship Enterprise during a mandatory 15 minute crew break. Look at how Spock takes harping to the next level. They are having so much fun!

Speaking of Spock he has my favorite of all jams Bilbo Baggins:

REMIX!!! This is awesome!


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