Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lady Sovereign keeps it random

Lady Sovereign was at Richard's on Friday night and it was messy. Her opening band was Chester French, this duo from Harvard with a three-piece band that is kind of goofy but fun to watch. The lead singer had me hypnotized because he kind of looks like me but totally sells the skinny redhead rock star package the world so desperately calls for.

Next came the S O Veeee and this is when the evening went a little off the rails. Her first few songs were great and she kept things interactive, flashing her bra and spraying the crowd with Corona a couple times. Then her monitors stopped working and she flipped out. She stopped the show and started yelling at the sound people, calling one guy a "fat cunt" and threatening to punch him in the face. I wish she had done it because seeing a five foot tall chick wearing a hat with ear flaps hitting a middle aged dude with a beer gut would have made my month.

Anyway, they eventually got the equipment working and she calmed down a little. She can put on a show but could use some anger management classes I think. Lol celebrities.

Photos by Graham Cook.

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