Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Escape?

Nice try. I won't let you!!!

Summer... I will stalk you down like the Paparazzi on a Bump Watch.

So maybe it's not 30 degrees outside anymore, but the sun's just napping. Soon it will stop hitting the snooze button and we'll all go back to fighting for space at beaches and bike racks.

Until then here are some things to bring the summer buzz back this week:

Watch "The Hangover". Yes, it's as good as people are saying.

Listen to Hotmess this Friday. Yes, it's as good as people are saying.

Take off your pants with DJ R i c c o. Yes, it's as good as people are saying.

Since being featured on Hotmess Radio earlier this year, Ricco has been mixing up hurricanes on dance floors all over.

Check out his new mix

r i c c o - Take Off Your Pants

Want more?

You can stalk him at , on Facebook ricco & vinnie , or sniff around town to the best upcoming'll probably find him there.


Anonymous said...

educational and exceptional . entertaining and exasperating . no spell check up in this bitch .

Marika said...

When can I take one of your witty and articulate seminars? Are you teaching them this summer?

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