Monday, June 8, 2009

What the hell happened to Arsenio Hall?

Remember the good old days back in 1994... The economy was solid, Bill Clinton was in the white house and The Arsenio Hall show was on the air. In 1994 Arsenio was at the peak of his career and Eddie Murphy was still cool. Remember when they made awesome movies like Coming To America and Harlem Nights? Everyone was pumping their fists and going "woo woo woo" and Arsenio always did that creepy move with his fingers... "It's this big people, I'm telling you." (see above)

Ah times have changed. Here's Arsenio busting Vanilla Ice's ballz over a beef with MC Hammer! Whaaaa...?


What the Hell happened?

Last time he was seen on TV was on the Dave Chapelle show... wait a second... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO DAVE CHAPELLE?

Apparently, Arsenio Hall's latest credit on IMDB is a movie called Black Dynamite! I'm sure it will be just as entertaining if not more so than Eddie Murphy's "Imagine That". Oh how I miss the early 90's!

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