Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What is evil?
Is there one definitive definition? Moral corruption, the cause of pain or suffering, disregard for the welfare of others, a pointy tail and horns, wearing-a-William Shatner-mask-that-has-been-altered-to-look-scary-and- brandishing-a-giant steak knife...... are these the characteristics of someone (or thing) who is evil?
If so then I feel that my list below is more than accurate.
List of evil things:
Steven Harper
Timbaland's work with Chris Cornell
that friend who never buys a round of drinks
reality TV
trans fats
bad breath
Britney Spear's parents ( what did you do to that poor girl?!?!?)
Christmas in hell
The guy who practices Karaoke late at night in the apartment above Marlene's
Toby Keith
Anthrax (the disease not the band)
Maybe the WORST evil is a society that can let itself become so desensitized to these atrocities?
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