Monday, May 25, 2009

It's TOO easy being Green Day

I'm baffled. I just don't get Green Day. They are an anomaly of epic proportions in the music world and it needs to be addressed. A band that has two waves of massive success, the second being bigger than the first! What the SAM HELL is going on here?!?!?!

Here's a band who put out an album called Dookie in 1994 and it becomes a huge hit almost accidentally! Somehow while all of the superstars at the grunge party were busy scratching their heads asking themselves what to do next, THESE tricky bastards sneak in through the back door with three chord, chugging pop rock tunes that a kid with no arms could play and a singer who sounds like he is permanently in need of Dristan nasal mist! And guess what.....THEY TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM?!?!?!?! Really?!

Ok. Fine. I get it. Simple, catchy tunes that speak to the disenfranchised youth. It works, and lets be honest you know that whole sun-even-shines-on-a-dogs-ass might apply here.

Everyone gets one right? But then just when Green Day seem like they might disappear into pop rock obscurity ( I say pop rock because they ARE NOT PUNK. You want punk buy a Black Flag or Minor Threat album and then come talk to me) they come back with their biggest album ever.... and it's a CONCEPT ALBUM!!!!! What. The. Fuck.

American Idiot came out in 2004, TEN YEARS after Dookie, and blew the doors off their previous success. Holy smokes! That's not supposed to happen ever! It's a record that follows the life of a guy named " Jesus of Suburbia" and it sold 14 million copies AROUND THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!!!!!!!

Seriously though. How is this happening?

To make matters worse after four years they made another concept record thay was just released called 21st Century Breakdown and it's the number 1 rock record in North America?!?!!?!?


Sorry. I had a mini 21st Century Breakdown of my own. I'm fine now.

Everything is cool.

Ultimately the success story that is Green Day will likely be studied for eons to come. Are they really THE BEST ROCK BAND ON THE PLANET? No. But this is an amazing (and possibly the only) example of the absolute perfect storm of right band, right place, right time, right three chords...twice in one lifetime.


PS-This song rocks.

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